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Loaded Freeride Slide Gloves - V6

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Loaded Freeride Slide Gloves - V6

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Awesome comfort! Might need to learn to sew!
These gloves are awesome, have velcro in all the places you'd need it, and its quality velcro. The only downside, and I see I'm not the only one to have this problem is the rips. But I had my mom teach me to sew and if catch the rips as soon as they start its no big, and like a 5 min repair. Oh and the palm pad in these gloves makes putting your hand down like petting puppies
great gloves, wish they had a bigger size
these gloves are great, they last a long time if you take good care of them, and they look appealing. i wish they had a larger size because when i bought the gloves, my hands fit the large/x large size, but now my hands grew so my fingers are starting to come out of the finger tips
Bad sliding gloves
You are probaly thinking because of other reviews that they are good gloves, i bought them and the first day i made a hole on two fingers. I recomend the brown loaded sliding gloves, they are much better.
good job loaded
i love the gloves i ripped them but that happen with my old ones 2 love them.
i like the gloves they are very breathable
One Problem
Let me just state that I'm getting my second pair, but only because my first died in a horrible freak-drop-in-a-camp-fire accident. And even then they lasted the rest of the weekend.

The only downside i really have is that they rip fairly easily, like many have said duct tape is your friend. Rips are common for any slider, duct tape is amazing in general, and these gloves rock! The pucks wear down fairly quick, but again that's common for anyone who rides a fair amount. Great gloves!
Sweet starters
These gloves are very good. The finger pucks are very helpful but the thumb-puck is unnecessary. These gloves are semi durable but rip easily if going too fast
decent/but wear quick
Good gloves for starting out but wore out quick. Pucks lasted fine, but the stitching around the thumb and other fingers started to come apart on mine and my friends.
good but...
i bought these slide gloves a couple months ago and the thing i noticed about them is that the palm puck wears down really quickly. These are good if you are a beginner but not if your advanced
i found the eonly bad thing bout these gloves is that they ripp easily but on the bright side slides are made easiler without even using the thumb puck

great glove for all skill levels

These gloves are really nce to slide with, however i wouldve liked them better if it was a stronger material not a big problem really they ripped at my first slide but i just stitched them together. Learne all my slides on these. Go for it !
Solid Gloves
Just over a year later. These have held up to the abuse of a new rider. Durability, yes they could be a little stronger, but that would effect the price. You get what you pay for and these are a great buy. If you are worried about your fingers hitting the ground, they come with finger and thumb pucks. They are nice when you are learning but once you get your timings set, you won't need them.

The pucks are okay smooth. I've used some smoother and some that were horrible, so middle ground. After all the time, these gloves have seen better days, a few holes in the fingers and seams ripping, they are still holding together strong. Bought mine around the same time as a friends with Arbor gloves, good gloves but they fell apart faster then these Loaded ones. Treat them well and you shall get every penny you put into them.
Loved the gloves overall, easy to slide with recommended, but just make it out of more of a durable material so they dont rip so easy, i would like to keep them for a while y'know :P
don't know what slide gloves to get im a beginner plz help
Awesome gloves!!!!
The only reason these gloves get four stars instead of five is because of the finger puck and that it makes it difficult to grab your board for some of the tricks I like to do. other than that they are great
I have had these gloves for over 2 years. No big problems, accept the thumb puck got ripped off in the first week. The Pucks are not great and I got new holesom pucks soon after. As for there build quality, they are very well made. They have mesh vents on the backs so that your hands can breath and not get to sweaty. The rectangle puck that is on your 4 fingers is very thin. However, it does not have to be very thick. At least for the slides I do, I bend my 4 fingers up, so they don't even touch the ground. Over all I would suggest you to buy these gloves. You would be better off getting new palm pucks though.
This product is just the best for all beginner and freestyle rider.
Good gloves but could be more durable
The gloves overall are awesome and I love them! The pucks slide phenomenally well across the ground and almost never wear out. I also like that loaded sells replacement pucks. These gloves are very comfortable and fit my hand well. The material is kind of cheap and it rips fairly easily if, for example, you crash the material is likely to tear but it could be much worse. In conclusion these gloves are awesome and I would highly recommend them. They should be fine as long as you know how to use slide gloves properly.
These are some great slide gloves. they breathe, they slide smoothly, and the wrist guard just completes them. I would definitely recommend these to beginners because they actually have thumb and finger pucks (unlike a lot of other gloves) and you feel very confident going down for a slide. The only con is that they rip pretty easily, but just throw some duct tape on them, it fixes EVERYTHING.
What should I get
I don't know if I should get this or bones gloves plz help
Good....Not great..... But good
Been using these the last couple of days. Right off the bat i ripped the pinky. My hands are small but I ordered a large and they are alittle big nothing a wash cant fix. Replacement pucks are a must the ones on the gloves already are pretty weird. However they do breath and the wrist strap is awesome!
Pretty Good
These are the only slide gloves I've ever used, so I don't really have anything to compare them to. I bought the large gloves because my hands are pretty big but the gloves still fit kind of awkwardly. I'm not a fan of the finger pucks and don't use them, so my chances of ripping the fabric there are greater, but that's not too big of a deal- nothing velcro can't solve. Not to much to complain about with these.
very good but not durable
The slide pucks slide really well and they last very long. The material it is made from the mesh and suede is really comfortable and since there is mesh they are flexible and breathable, but they tear very easy. They are very comfy and the cuff keeps them on and wrist protected, and behind the pad there is foam to cushion. Besides how easy they tear they are very good gloves.
Hey re pretty good.
They are very good but i am a fan of gloves with seperate fingers bc they are more comfortable. The pucks are very good and last very long but not as lond as my triple 8 glove pucks. The material lasts very long and the mesh is very breahable.
mcgroogalator "stand up slides are good with these" ???? lol
sick ,sweet, awsome
Gloves are great the pucks never wear down i used them so many times i got so excited when i used them. Buy from dbs they are awsome. The mesh is great stand up slides are great with these they look sweet they stay good forever. Never ever buy righn idle they suck buy these they are great for beginners. Whoever grades them bad sucks because they are great overall great gloves
Good Gloves
they are amazing gloves you might wanna get new pucks and some ducktape the pucks wear fast and they rip easily but they last a while and they've been through some hard falls...overall great gloves
Not bad
Ive been using these gloves for about 3 months or so and the first thing and basically the only negative thing about these gloves is that they do rip fairly easily. I did learn on these gloves however but they should not rip and tear as easily as they did. Also the Loaded pucks wear down very fast but are slidy and nice. Overall i would recommend these gloves to a person trying to learn to slide.
WWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOWOOWOWWWWWW. These are amazing. Great. Get them now. EVEN if you burn out the pucks u can get new ones for cheep
Good overall glove. Slide pucks wear very quickly.
These are amazing gloves. They breathe well and are easy to strap on. The wrist pad makes it nice when you bump your wrist. The only negative is the palm puck wears down very quickly! Overall a very good glove. Just get some replacement pucks and your good to go. I would buy them again in a heartbeat.
love em
these gloves slide great. the only downside is they rip easy which can be solved easily with duct tape. :) it fixes everything
love em
these gloves slide great. the only downside is they rip easy which can be solved easily with duct tape. :) it fixes everything
Why did these get rated 4 stars?
I wanted to get a different pair of slide gloves. My friend had these slide gloves. I asked him if i can try it out, omg from that point i started using those gloves I wanted a pair for myself. I decided to get them for Christmas. Now i cant stop using them because they are so great. These gloves are recommended for any beginner longboarder that wants to know how to start sliding.
Buncha friction for now, not sure how they'll be fully Broken in. Hopefully a little more slick. But I live in tx and there pretty cool aesthetically and temp wise. And match my wolfshark;D
You could do better...
The gloves are great before the rips start really appearing, they keep your hands cold and have good velcro. The quality of the fabric is poor, they rip the second they hit the ground. I would suggest these, but you could do better for cheaper (Rayne Idle Hands)
These gloves are sick, the finger and thumb pucks really let you distribute more weight onto you hand while staying super stable at higher speed. And if you dont want to use the finger pucks and just cruise around, cut out some velcro and stick it where they would go and that protects them fine. They also breathe REALLY well, so your hands wont look like prunes after a shred. Overall very happy!
These gloves are very nice to wear but they get worn out very quickly, even if you use the finger pads. All in all a very good glove.
Great Gloves!
These gloves are great! the pucks could be replaced with some of a diffrent material theyre very slick in a sharp corner. and they rip easilly on the fingers.which can be easily fixed with an iron-on-patch and a hair straightener... but the velcro is great. high quality gloves. stay cool on mah hands. and look awsome. XP...i repeat IF YOUR GLOVES RIP YOU CAN REPAIR THEM WITH AN IRON ON PATCH!. hope it helps...
Best slide gloves ever!!!
amazing gloves, fast shipping, great customer service, and a definite life time customer, this is my second purchase from DBS and i can say you guys always leave me satisfied. (thats what she said)
fancy but undurable
Been rocking these for about a two months now. These are my first gloves as well so I'm not an expert, yet I learned sliding with a pair of plastic wrist guards so I'm quite experienced though. For starters, these are super comfy and a lot cooler(colder) than expected since they are so much thinner than what they look like on the picture, yet unfortunately they won't keep you from sweating your ass(hands) off on a hot day off shredding. The pucks are way too slippery in my opinion, I like it when you have more grip and control over your hand while it is on the ground. The glove is very undurable as well I have all the pucks on and yet it has ripped in multiple places, total bummer. Despite this, these gloves are super slick and comfy. It's all about your personal opinion, you might love them. So if you feel for them, or if you are just another loaded fanboy(I'm trolling guys), then buy'em.
caution these gloves may cause: -an improved ego -over comfortability -an excessive need to go downhilling, cruising or sliding -and a near frictionless slide BE WARNED!
so sick
got these about a year ago, and they just dont wear down! these are fantastic gloves for this price
these gloves are awsome!
I bought theese gloves....and they rock, but what do i use to replace the barpuck when its gone? can i order new ones from here? Dan Loveland Writes - Yes we can get you replacement bar pucks. You can call us 1.888.779.7062. I will try to get them on the site ASAP.
Not bad loaded
I got the large/xl version of these, and they're amazing. They feel really comfortable and it looks AMAZING. But for every good thing, there are a few cons: 1. The others are right, the pucks do wear realllllyyy fast. I only did some very beginner crouched slides for an hour or so just today, and already the pucks are pretty scratched and sanded down. Also, the big finger pucks' decals completely wore off quickly. 2. The glove itself ain't too tuff. My friend was took these gloves out for a run, and bailed pretty bad at maybe 15 mph only. The thumb puck flew off, and now the thumb was a few punctures in it and part of the velcro on the thumb has been grinded off. But overall, they slide smoothly and are extremely comfortable. 4.5 out 5 GREAT BUY.
I had triple 8 sliding gloves and they ripped in half after 4 months of riding. These however are much more lightweight comfortable, affordable, and durable. GET THESE!
Great Gloves
I have had these gloves for like 3 months now and i have had no problems at all, i have no clue why lots of people dont like these? they are fine gloves thta are comfortable and stylish haha
Gloves are the s**t
i have the verson 2 of these gloves and i gotta say these gloves rock i can do so much more slides now and it really makes you feel confedent when going down the big hills
I have used timeship gloves and landyachtz glove my whole riding career but these have more mobility and flexiblity in the fingers than anything i have felt. less cramps from riding all day i love them! AMAZING!
Nice, great for large hands
I have very large hands and most gloves are too small for me, but the Loaded gloves fit great. I'm not that experienced with sliding yet but they seem to work fine. At first I did not understand the styling, but it makes sense: when skating in traffic, the bright colors on the back of the hands makes your hands more visible when you signal to change lanes. Great idea.
3 1/2 stars.
I like these gloves, they are very comfortable and dont get hot when its hot out. The only problems are they are fragile, like most loaded products and the pucks wear down very quickly. When I say fragile, I mean they tear easily and get worn out quickly. You fall once and they get shredded. Other than that though, they are pretty good. just not really for long term usage.
If you are even considering buying these gloves, just do it, you wont regret it Best gloves i have ever riden. The pucks are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO quiet! GET THEM!!!
These gloves rock my socks
If you want the gloves to do every thing in the world than get these ones. The slide pucks last forever so you don't need to worry about getting new ones.
Not too shabby!
I've been getting sleazy with these gloves for about 6 months now and I must say, I'm pretty impressed. There aren't many cons but the ones I've found in these gloves are HUGE. Holes are basically inevitable in the finger tips and these gloves make your hands VERY sweaty although they have the "coolwicking" stuff in them, it doesn't help. Now that I've had these for a while, I am going to say that I do like them, I'd just rather go with something more durable. I will be getting the 2012 race slide gloves soon. I have heard from many that those are one of the best sets of gloves out there.
Amazing Gloves worth the money
I've had these gloves for about 3 months and they work wonders for me. The pucks haven't worn down at all. I use them as much as I can, and the gloves have held up to my hardcore standards. Buy these gloves their worth the money and they'll outlast any other glove.
these gloves are worth it
I've tried triple eight and these are better by far. no complaints. please ignore any negative reviews, those are clearly from people not knowing how to use them. loaded is a trusted brand and i know that they wouldn't sell a product that rips or breaks easily. position the 4 finger puck as far up on the fingers as possible to prevent your fingers from ripping. get them.
good gloves
Me and My freinds got some of these gloves and they are great for sliding and they do not wear down as quickly witht the finger and thumb pucks although i noticed with me and one of my freinds gloves the thumb puck on one glove seperated from the velcro and fell of while i was sliding.
Great Gloves!
My gf got me these for my bday and i have had them for a few months (almost 4) and they are great. the pucks do seem to wear down faster than my friends who have older ones but they slide great. also saved my face a few times when falling. breathe great (which kinda sucks when its cold) but they dont smell next time you put them on. comfortable and Loaded with fun (<==== anyone like the pun). hope this helps
VEry good but like every glove theres a couple of downsides :I
okay im a beginning slider and these gloves are amazing!!! i love them to death. I havent been sliding long but i have total confidense down hill but im still making mistakes. these gloves slide amazingly well but dont hold up the best in a crash. When i fell today the crash was on my whole left side. My leg slid on the ground and i had the glove on the ground with the other in the air. when i looked at the left glove some of the stiching had come off near the bottom and the velcro is coming off of the thumb pucks but that doesnt bother me because their replaceable. im just a little concerned what will happen if i take a really hard spill because that would be a whole other 50 bucks. i know their not there to proctect your wrist but i want the stiching to hold up better but you cant always get what you want. all around an AMAZING GLOVE FOR ANYBODY.
Terrible for money
Pucks are garbage, the gloves were great for the 3 hours they lasted untill the ''kevlar'' hand pad ripped open on the slide of the gloves, dont get theese, they are NOT worth any of the outragous price you pay for them
Not bad, but for the price...
The gloves are not that bad, i've used these for about three months now, and they are yet to cause a problem. They work better than any homemade gloves my friends have made. However, they are not indestructible. They tear quite easily, and the pucks dont stay on too well. The velcro has come completely off one of the thumbs, and the fiber is ripping all over. Overall, theyre pretty nice gloves, i reccomend them to anyone looking for some legit gloves, but if you're hard on your stuff, go try the Loaded Race grade ones.
Gloves are good, not great, puck are horrible
The gloves are pretty good, but the pucks are horrendous. I think when someone buys these they are paying for the loaded name not quality. Oh well if you must have loaded slide gloves, immediately replace the pucks with some black velvet slide pucks.
The gloves are very good, but the quality of the material is not. I've had these gloves for two days, doing light sliding, and already there's a tear at my pinky finger. When sliding with these you have to be super careful to hit the pucks and not drag your fingers... I didn't know that. The fit is pretty solid except for at the pinky, where the finger is a whole joint longer than the pinky where all the other fingers fit to the top. I guess loaded's riders have long pinky fingers. Overall, a decent glove with some pretty flimsy materials in some parts of it.
Great glove, pucks suck.
The gloves are well thought out and comfy. The finger puck bar thingy is awkward and you will end up tearing it off in favor of other options. Plus it lasts about 4 seconds before dissolving into mist. The palm puck is clearly designed to bring in replacement monies, no foul - good business idea, but much like the designed to fail parts on GM cars, you will tire of replacing them. The thumb puck was gone so fast I cannot even tell you its name. But some gloves dont even give you a thumb puck so whatever, I try not to stick my thumb out to get shredded anyway. Breakdown- Glove: Good, fits tight, breathable, nice wrist support, sporty. Pucks: Get some different ones. *** I qualify all these statement with this- mine were free. I would have never spent the $80 bones to buy them. There are many cheaper/better gloves to buy***
These are awesome gloves.They fit well, have a sweet inner padding, good Velcro, are pretty durable, and have those nice yellow loops for super easy removal. The slide is ultra smooth, when you put your hands down it feels like you're on ice or something. Defiantly worth the money.
these are really nice gloves. totally worth it
must have
these are some high quality gloves! all my friends have home made gloves and these are way better. last time i went sliding i bruised my palms, these gloves assure that wont happen because of the foam removable inserts in the wrist. loaded always delivers. Amazing gloves, i kinda wish they had the vulcan fingers but this style is growing on me! another reason these rock: i go to an extremely spirited highschool and orange and black are our colors. SANTA ROSA 2011!!!!!!!! go panthers!!
Simply the best
These are the best slide gloves ever. I've used many different gloves and none are much better than my home made ones. Either make them yourself or get LOADED!
These are very good slide gloves. Very comfortable brethable. They look really sick too. The velcro pucks are a plus. The only problem is that the "kevlar" isn't that durable. Just a couple of bails and they already have a few shreds. But overall, a great glove woth the money.
these gloves are awesome
These gloves are awesome. I've had them for a few months, had lots of wipeouts, done lots of sliding, and they are still going strong. I really like that they are cooler and breathable. The pucks are a really hard plastic and are wearing less than I would've imagined. One good design feature that I like is the way the velcro wraps around the thumb. This makes the thumb puck stay on because when you place your hand on the pavement, if the thumb puck is not in the exact spot, it has plenty of velcro to cling to as it rotates just a little to conform to where you actually placed your thumb in relation to the ground.
great gloves!!
these gloves are great. great improvement from the first version. these dont have the knuckle protectors but that allows for more flexibility in the fingers. the UHMW Pucks are great improvments from the old ones. they are much slicker(slide better). loaded also added velcro on the thumb for longer glove life. and personally i think they look better than the orignal. all around a much better glove. and one question i have for daddiesboardshop; will you guys be selling UHMW pucks separately soon? like landsharks or anything you guys can get hold of? that would be great, because i am a heavy slider and i go through pucks in no time. and i love ordering from this site. i dont like having to order from different sites to get something for one product. and also i think it would diversify your lineup even further. more options. thanks for your great service DBS. i would like this to be the only site i would go to if im in need of new gear. my friends and i advertize for this site to show how appreciative we are. great job, like always. Dan Loveland Writes - Thanks for the review. We are happy with the new slide gloves as well. We didn't stock the first version becuase we did not like the construction. As for the aftermarket slide pucks. I will forward an email to Melanie and we will bring these in for your guys. Thanks for asking. Happy skating!
They do Their Job Well
These gloves are my first set so it would be hard for me to compare them, but I'll try to give some pros and cons. Pros: These gloves are amazingly smooth, it feels as though you're sliding your hands across ice! They fit snug and gave me way more confidence when going down hill fast or taking tight turns. Very durable - if any of the fabric or stitching has scraped the ground, I can't tell. Removable finger, thumb and hand pucks add major versatility and let you choose what feels best. I have my left glove with all three pucks (I have it on the ground more) and the right with just the large, hand puck. One because the thumb puck broke (read below) and so I can move my fingers independently. Cons: In a slide, ONE day after I got the gloves, one of the thumb pucks fell off of the adhesive strip of the Velcro. I couldn't find it anywhere (I think it got lost in the leaves somewhere on my skate route). So I'm stuck with a sticky Velcro thing that I just can't use. I don't know where to buy a replacement unless I buy new gloves (it's not needed, but I wish it hadn't broke after one day of use!). Sometimes its hard to pick up a board (especially a large one), and its a little hard to take the gloves on and off with all the Velcro sticking to each other. Overall, these are well performing gloves. P.S. if your thumb puck falls of (and you can find it), then use some Guerrilla Glue to stick it back on the Velcro pad. That should hold it.
These gloves are sickkk! There so nice, insanely comfortable,and just overall a great slide glove. The only con is that the finger tips tear sorta fast. But i love these and there worth the money.
Loaded free ride slide gloves
These slide gloves are awesome for anything the only problem I have had with them is the strap crumples and it gets uncomfortable.
Okay Gloves
These slide gloves are really good for beginners and for the more advanced slider. these gloves give you incredible controll around turns and there easy to learn with. these gloves arent all great though my thumb puck keeps falling off and peeling away from the velcro, ive had to super glue them back on numerous times, and where there are not pucks the fabrics have worn away very quickly. all in all they are ok gloves.
Well I took these gloves out for my first time and I was doing a push up slide and my board just left me and the gloves just barely touched the ground and they are shredded with a big slit down the side.It is mostly the yellow fabric that ripped.Overall comparing from the V5 gloves the pucks are much more slidy.Also you hands are oustandingly more moblie your fingers are a lot more free unlike the previous gloves.They are comfortable and fit well.

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6th Generation Loaded Slide Gloves are here! Still Built with burly wrist protection (including a removable foam pad and a serious wrist strap) these are the most popular slide gloves we carry, HANDS DOWN!


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