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Loaded Tan Tien Longboard Skateboard Deck

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  • Length:39.00
  • Width:8.75
  • Wheelbase:27.00
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Mild
  • Flex:Medium
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Push
  • Sliding

Loaded Tan Tien Longboard Skateboard Deck



Deck Flex
Flex 1
Flex 2
Flex 3

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Right on
This board is pretty sweet. I can kick it out on standies and its got a mild concave that is solid enough to lock your feet in. It's great for carving and freestyle and all around cruising. I have hit some hills with it and it gets some wobbles after getting to higher speeds but it is solid at sliding in the corners. I highly recommend this board to anyone looking for a solid and fun ride.
As my first board I was like any 17 year old looking for something other than socks under the Christmas tree this year... needless to say I was ECSTATIC when I saw a loaded under the tree. This board has been a great board for switching to longboarding from Just plain street skating because of its ability to carve. Definitely not for downhill, but really easy to kick out standup slides, and really any Slide you can think of. As a 6 foot 175lb dude the Flex 3 board i hot has held up really well, and done everything i have needed. All around great first board, and if it were only a little bigger it would be perfect!!! Really great for anyone, it’s just some big riders might find it hard to adjust.
Most veRsatile and fun board around
I used tO think loaded Boards were over prOced and over rated until i leaRned fIrsthand what i could do on a tan tien. I used to ride sector 9 but my rIding exploded when i got my fIrst tan tien. I'm about to order my 6th tan tien. They Can take a good beating But i like to ride It so much that i break mine in about 6 months from new. Big ollies, Old sChool varial kickFlips, manuals, and tiger Claw variations are enabled by its excellent precision. I recommeNd this board abOve all others if yOu want the best mix of snappy smooth freestyle flatgrOund, light downhill tricks, and wicked smooth slides. Use paris v2 or sImilar 180mm, otang stims 86a or fat free 86a, flex 1 deck for better response and durability (i am 6' and 170lbs). I dont Think i will ever ride a different board as loNg as my energy can sustain my riding style. This board is too fun.
It's a great board to learn how to dance and do some mild freestyle but if you want to do some serious longboarding I wouldn't recommend this.
Got this today !
Perfect for slides!
Perfect for cruising!
Great For tricks !

I'm not a pro, so I know that's why I like this board so much..
But being an average longboarder that does a bit of everything, this board is GREAT !
I have ridden a few longboards and nothing compares to this one. Its good for everything but I will only recommend it for cruisin and light downhills since it's so pretty to look at and got a lot of flex if you go flex 3 or 2. Its certainly not a deck you would want to see destroyed. You can push and carve on this one so easy its unbelievable. The flex helps a lot!

It got almost no concave so that makes it a lot more comfortable when you cruise around with it. You will still have great gripe with the help of the grip tape and the fact that this deck can turn so much.

It's also very light weight, which means you can carry around with it with no problem. Bamboo and fiberglass makes this deck extremely strong and lasting!

My setup: Paris V2 180mm, Orangatang 4 president 70mm 83a(super fast and fun to cruise with)
Amazing board
I bought this board back in 2012 and i love it. i ride it every single day. i have the flex 2 and i weigh 145 lbs and its amazing. the flex is great, its light, its beutiful and eligent.
all around just an amazing board.
Great board, works for everything and long lasting.
Brought this board at about 2.5 years into my longboarding experience. Favorite thing about the board; its light. I haven't purchased another board yet and i'm 6 years into riding. This board can withstand downhill speeds, corners, free riding and its great for sliding. Its a fast, small, light board.
I originally purchased it with randal's used them for about 6 months before switching to paris coltons which are the best! the best! trucks to have on this board and possibly the best way to get use out of it.

Bad Ass Freestyle Board!
Got this board about 5 months ago. If you are into the freestyle scene this is a bad ass mama jama! It's kicks will produce effortless shuv-it's and the flex allows for sky high hippie-jumps and board flips. It is a little tough for sliding because there is virtually no concave, but it just takes some getting used to. It does not perform well for downhill. at around 35 I start to get some wobble action. Great freeride/freestyle board though! The only reason it gets 4 stars is because it chips easily. Make sure you get light trucks because heavy trucks make it harder to pop the tails, which does the board complete injustice! I'm 220 pounds and I ride a flex 1. My set up consists of caliber 50's for the trucks, orangatang moronga 86a wheel's, and bones super swiss 6 ball bearings. The things a rocket and very lightweight. But don't take it over 30, your skin will thank you!
i bought it used complete for 100$ and its perfect great for cruising, but not sure i would buy it for full price just for cruising. the kicks are good for freestyle even though i suck at it. i way 110 and have flex 3. sliding is great, but the camber, mellow concave is frustrating for long standups. do not get flex 1 because u want to slide. making the deck stiff doesnt make it good for freeride. if u want to get a deck that can freestyle and freeride i recomend the landyachtz drop carve, or rayne rival. the drop carve has good but not painful concave and huge kicks. landdyachtz advertise it has flexy but it is stiffer then a flex 1 tan tien. the rayne rival packs tons of features that are amazing. a good loaded deck for freeride would be the bhangra. people say its huge but it has a shorter foot platform than the rayne demonseed. i have it and its awesome. its also just as heavy as a landyachtz switchblade. if u think abot it the bhangra is a shorter chubby unicorn. if u get a loaded deck get with cult classics or abec 11 freerides. otangs are chattery, icy and wear faster than butterballs. i wwouldnt reccomend it for freeride,or cruising. unless u get it for dirt cheap like me
Steezy McCheezy
I've had the flex 1 and 3 boards. unfortunatlyi broke my flex 3 doing some tiger claws and boneless tricks. if your doing some serious free riding this board cracks fairly easily. but for everyone thing else this board is the bomb.
Brilliant Board but not for Downhill
Great board and super flexy. This board will have you dancing all day long...
LEGIT for freestyle!
I got this board about a year or two ago, and it's made me into a great freestyle boarder. I love doing grab tricks on cause it's so light, and other kick tricks like shuvs are surprisingly easy for the appearance of the kicks. Since I got this when I sucked, I really banged up the tails and wore down the grip from landing boardside a lot. Downhill is ok. It's a little shaky, but I have no problems doing pendys and long colemans at high speeds. Just make sure your feet are placed correctly! Now it's so banged up, I'm looking for a new board, and based on how well this one has treated me, I think I'm getting another one. Hope this helped :)
Great board for the right person!
This board is great for freestyle (accept dancing) it is a liitle too smal for dancing. It is also a good freeride deck but not too good for hills due to its flexibility... However the things it is good for it excels in ! these things are the following:
180 slide
classic tricks such as shuv it and olie
and most (if not all) hand tricks!
If you would like to see the tan tien perform i recomend you check this video out!
great board. I love it. it is easy to pull colemans and heelslides and pretty much any slide at all. great for dancing and freeride. really worth the money for it.
flexy n' sexy!
love this deck! nice and flexy! got a flex 3 and i'm 93 lbs. funky and shiny griptape, but still lovin' it! makes me sad when it gets beat up though....
Overall OK Board
The Tan Tien was my first longboard. It is a great beginner to intermediate board and is great for even the most advanced dancing, but it severely lacks in sliding. Daddies and Loaded both advertise this board as 3/4 stars for sliding, but after almost 6 months of use, I personally would rate it at a 1/4 to possibly 1.5/4. Don't get me wrong, this board is a super solid all-around board, but set-up with Bear Grizzly 852s and O'Tang Stimulus 86a it is not recommended for more technical slides. I am 5' 8" 115 lbs., I ride a Flex 2, and I have a lot of trouble breaking into stand-up slides due to the flex of the board. Whenever I try to kick out for heelside standies, the flex of the board absorbs all of the pressure and barely slides. However, when doing Coleman's, Coleman 180's, Pendy's, and Push-up slides, this board is pretty nice and easy to slide. The Tan Tien is probably my favorite board for cruising compared to my Landyachtz Wolfshark, Landyachtz Switchbalade, and most recently TuTone Megaladon, but that is probably all it's good for when an advanced rider is using it. When I say advanced, I DO NOT MEAN DOWNHILL. DO NOT DOWNHILL, YOU WILL EAT THE PAVEMENT AT HIGH SPEEDS. This is not a recommended board for DH due to its lack of stability. I have taken it up to about 25 mph, but that is really the top speed. Overall, the Tan Tien is an ok freeride baord, terrible downhill board, and great dancing board due to its kicktails. The flex is ok when moving at moderate speeds and cruising, but not great for sliding. I would not recommend this board for intermediate-advanced freeriders, but for dancers and people looking for a cruise this board is great. My final rating would be about a 2.5/5 stars.

Thanks for Reading the review, because it certainly was an essay :P
Overall the greatest board i have ever rode! Extremely easy to learn new free riding tricks and moves. I recently broke my flex 3 tan tien after doing a 360 shuvit while only having the board for 5 months. I am about 5,10 and weigh about 160 pounds i would recommend the flex 1 for anyone who is putting a lot of stress on their board
Longboarder Ordinare
Awesome board! I weigh 175, and the flex 1 is perfect for me. I thought the grip tape design looked ugly from the pictures, but it actually is very cool looking up close. I'm using AC Paris 180mm trucks and yellow 70mm stimulus wheels. The dual flips are awesome for every trick imaginable. The board is insanely light, and only about 5/16" thick! Your first flip kicks will totally be a joke untill you learn to undercompensate for the weight. This board does the easiest manuals you'll ever pull. My only complaint is that for tall riders like me (and I'm only 6ft), the board feels a bit short. I hope that Loaded will come out with a 44" version of it for taller riders. Its also easy to step on the wheels at first. This is now my everyday do everything board... Amazing and worth the money for sure.
Board is sick went with the stiffest really pleased with its ability. Very stable nice kicktails. Only problems for me is that i am 6'1 and the riding space is pretty small... and its pricey... Still great board love how light it is! Overall good buy
Pretty Sweet
Everything you'd expect from Loaded, but after about 4 months of avid riding, I have shave off about an inch of the tail and nose. Manuals are becoming increasingly difficult and every time my foot scrapes the ground during one, it slides off and i end up doing the classic skater split bail. I think it's time for a new board. I hope the Bhangra is more durable.
Great board all around. This is the first longboard I have purchased for myself. Previously I had borrowed my friend's boards. Coming to the sport from a street board background the transition to riding longboards comfortably was facilitated by the Tan Tien. Very fun maneuverable board great for ripping around town. Very high quality of product, excellent craftsmanship.
Don't like the smaller wheel base
I ride a Dervish. Other day I rode my friends new Tan Tien. Pretty cool, lighter than the dervish shovits n manuals much easier to trow, but i just cant stand the smaller wheel base, so easy to step on the wheel n fall if u aint used to it. If it was the same size of the dervish would be perfect, best freeride deck ever, but the smaller wheel base just ain't for me n I aint that tall (1,77m or 69,7"). So Im gonna stay being a Dervish rider.
I weigh about 150lbs and I purchased the flex 3. The ride is ridiculously good, as close as u can to snowboarding. the tan tien flex 3 is close to the dervish flex 2 and the tan tien flex 2 is close to the dervish flex 1. The tan tien is definitely more responsive than dervish. The dervish is more smooth but the tan tien is easier on carves. If you are around my weight, I would definitely suggest the flex 3. Especially after it is broken in and you get used to it.. Wooooo! Game over.. Everyones going to think you're Adam Colton.
love it
I've had it for about a year know and its still as great as it was before.
Great Freeride Board
I've had the Tan Tien for about 2 months now and love it. It slides well (mostly due to the o-tang stims) but the concave locks you in great also. I have a flex 2 and it is great. The kick tails are great for small tricks and the board looks quite flossy. The only problem is the wheel base is a bit small but it isn't any reason not to get the Tan Tien.Love the Loaded. Great board, well worth it. Keep on Boarding
Outstanding deck!!!!!
Ok so I looked at some other review of the the tan tien, some 2 stars some 3 some 4 and a lot of 5s. This board doesn't deserve anything lower than a 5 star rating, amazing flex on this deck, ultra thin and ultra light. You simply can't beat it. I see some reviews say that the board can't take 75mm wheels, well I'm going to put those rumors to rest, I run 75 mm orangatang yellow durians. Durians are safe because they have a smaller contact patch. My setup is, tan tien deck, paris Adam Colton trucks, bones reds with spacers, and otang durians (yellow). And I have yet to get wheel bite, the trucks are as loose as they can go and yet nothing. So just to put the rumor to rest, 75mm DO work, but requires the same contact patch as the durians or you should start saying your prayers. GREAT DECK!!! GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!! LOADED OR NOTHING!!! PEACE!
this board is soooo amazing the grip has a awesome design the flexiness is good and its awesome for sliding
Amazing Board!
When I do things I go all the way! This is my first longboard I have owned, I've ridden a few others before buying this one. This is a dream board if there ever was one. The grip tape is so good you'll never fall off. I'm a smaller guy so I have flex 2 but I'll be doing a mix of tricks and longer rides where I'll want that cushion. Because I started only a month ago I'm still loving all the benefits of the board, this board was designed so perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go longboarding. It was worth every penny and I ride it every day! Pro's: VERY lightweight Nice Flex *Choose from 3!* Great design, "Nose and Tail" are designed really well to do a variety of things from manuals to a plethora of other tricks. Great Concave body and awesome Grip Tape Comfortable ride over bad roads Visual - The board is beautiful in it of itself, Grip Tape matches shape of the board, bottom of the deck makes it nice to leave alone or throw stickers on since you don't have to worry about covering up beautiful art. Con's: Still able to get wheel bite with 70mm+ wheels *Oh well right? >.> * Fiberglass on bottom and top of each side of the deck seems to be really thin and splinters/wears easily if scratched against Other than that, it's an amazing board and I love it, it really is a "Do everything" board!

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The Loaded Tan Tien. You know it, you love it, and in many ways it has inspired and shaped the way you've been longboarding for years. Do you freeride? Downhill? Freestyle? Well, this board has been paving the way for skaters of all styles and speed. The Loaded Tan Tien is a fully symmetrical freestyle drop through longboard with all of the flash and flare it deserves. Designed to be the little brother to the Loaded Dervish Sama, this board is the perfect gateway for anyone looking to get into the world of freestyle longboarding.

The Tan Tien is fully symmetrical, giving you the freedom to ride it forward, backwards, goofy, regular, and all combinations in-between. The board features a cambered construction that flexes into a rockered platform once you're standing on it. This gives you a lot of energy return for both pumping and carving. This really shines through when paired with the reliable concave for a more secured ride. The Loaded Tan Tien features both 50 grit and 30 grit griptape that's expertly placed, for locking you in when digging hard into your carves, or exploring the world of sliding. But it doesn't stop there. Looking to explore the city? The Loaded Tan Tien features kicktails that help you maneuver anything that might show up in the concrete jungle. To round out the whole package, the Loaded Tan Tien is drop through giving it a lowered ride height and lowered center of gravity for both the confidence of stability, and to ease the strain on your knees. With wheel cutouts, you're able to run larger wheels, or looser trucks, giving you the ability to fully customize your ride.

To give it the Loaded touch, the Tan Tien comes in 3 different flexes. The flex 1 is the stiffest of the 3. This board will take more of a beating for flip tricks while giving you a more stable ride. This is for the rider ranging in the 170-270+ pounds weight range. That makes the flex 3 the flexiest of them all. This is for a very nimble, responsive, and maneuverable ride. This gives you the most bounce per ounce, giving you tons of energy return for pumping, carving, and all around city riding. The suggested weight range for this board is 80-170+ pounds. That leaves the Goldilocks middle ground, flex 2. Not too stiff, not too flexy. It is juuuuust right. This flex is the most popular out of all of the Loaded Tan Tien flexes. The suggested weight range for this board is 130-210+ pounds. Keep in mind, these are only suggested weight ranges. So have fun, give it a ride, and you’ll find you may love a lot of extra flex, or a much stiffer ride. No matter what you choose, the Loaded Tan Tien is a package of explosive fun, which any one is sure to love.

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