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Longboard Bearing Lube & Cleaner – Kits

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Your longboard bearings are made of a lot of different parts and components — there are rings, bearing balls, races and seals — which are constructed from hard materials like steel and aluminum. Keeping all of these pieces and parts well-oiled is key to ensuring that your longboard is quick, safe and stable. To ensure that your longboard bearings are in tip-top shape, and that you get the best and the smoothest ride imaginable, you’ll want to invest in some high-quality longboard bearing lube. These lubricants will also help protect parts from corrosion, breakage and irreversible damage.

Daddies Board Shop has a ton of longboard and skateboard bearing lube options to address your specific concern. All of these lubes will help keep the bearing’s balls and other pieces moving as smoothly as you did when you first bought them. They will even help lengthen the life of your existing bearings. For example, many of these lubes create a film that helps reduce wear and tear in those areas that tend to see the most damage. We also recommend grabbing some longboard bearing cleaner to help wash away grease, oil and dirt that can compromise the quality of your bearings.

With the right bearing lubricant, longboard riding goes from enjoyable to super-fun. You can use products such as Speed Cream to make your bearings faster (ideal for racing applications) and to help reduce friction with regular riding. Choose a cleaner and lubricant in one, such as Skanunu Bearing Cleaner and Lubricant, if you want to grease up your bearings while cleaning them at the same time. All of these bearing cleaners and lubes make awesome small gifts or stocking-stuffers for the dedicated longboard rider. You always get free shipping on all of these products, since there’s no minimum on free shipping at Daddies Board Shop.

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