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Longboard Grip Tape

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Your parents call it “stick tape” and “sandpapery stuff.” Griptape is essential if you don’t want to slide off your board every time you move your feet. There are tons of different types of griptape out there. Some are less coarse than others, like

Jessup griptape

, and some are ferociously coarse, like

Vicious griptape

. Coarser griptape is ideal for higher speed skateboarding where you really want your feet to stay in place. Less coarse griptape is more ideal for street, bowl, park, and cruiser setups because you are constantly moving around on them.

Grip tape is a vital part to any set up. Sure, it’s true that some small cruiser boards or gigantic novelty longboards don’t feature a single speck of grip but that is mostly because they are just for fun and not designed to really get into anything. For extreme longboarding, to handle those conditions properly you are going to need a lot of grip to control the deck how you want to. Grip tape is what allows you to do that.

Many longboarding decks feature a factory grip tape job with a standard grip tape like Arbor or Loaded. These are really good grip tapes that will do a nice job for the majority of riders out there.

If you are looking for a higher performance, more aggressive grip than you might want to check out Vicious or Jessup. These are ‘Super Grip’ products that offer the unmatched feeling of being almost glued to your longboard. Vicious is some gnarly stuff so make sure you don’t cut yourself too hard on it, or fall onto your longboard when you wipe out. But it will save you when there is maximum traction needed.

Another cool way to customize your setup is to choose between our wide selections of Daddies Board Shop colored grip tape. We have a bunch of different colors to choose from and our crafty staff can put it on your board perfectly at the shop before it ships, or you can go ahead and specify that you want to do it at home all by yourself. Get creative with it. Grip tape is the best way to express your setup so show yours off!

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