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Longboard Hardware – Mounting Hardware & More

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Longboard hardware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Everything (for the most part) is going to be hardened and classified as “Grade 8.” Grade 8 hardware is also used in cars and planes and stuff! Hardware shape and length is completely dependent on the type of board you get, how thick it is, and if you plan on using


or not. Having extra hardware on hand is always a good choice as well!

All factory completes come with the best designated hardware but if you are custom building a setup then you need to go through a couple of steps to determine which length and head are best for you. To start, do you have a drop through deck or a top mount? We ask because there are two main screw heads: pan head is best suited to mounting flush, hard metal and flat head feature a gradual cone that sinks well into wood. If you are mounting with the head directly on your trucks than you need to choose a pan head model and if you are mounting directly to your deck, you need to choose a flat head model. The shape of the hole is less significant but you will have a choice between a Phillips and a Robertson. Most skate tools feature both keys, but a Phillips is more common.

Up next is the length. Nothing is worse than needing to change boards or tighten your hardware to find out that the tool isn’t deep enough for your ginormous hardware. If you do not need riser pads, then there is no need to pick a large size just because it is for a longboard. Most setups for longboarding will start with a 1.25 and move up through the sizes based on deck thickness and riser pads. If you are having trouble choosing hardware, just add up the dimensions of your deck, trucks and risers and choose the set that is within the right length bracket for you.

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