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Longboard Helmets

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If you want to save your brain then wearing a helmet is a no brainer! Don’t be an idiot. Heck, you should probably be wearing one just browsing through our selection! We have everything from traditional half-shell helmets like the

Triple 8 Brainsaver

, all the way to helmets that provide full-face protection like the



Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer. (Yeah. Pun totally intended.)

When choosing a helmet, there are many different factors to consider. First of all, what’s your size? The helmets listed on the Daddies Board Shop site all have a size range listed, so go ahead and snag a measuring tape and put it around your head around the temples. If you fall in the middle of two different sizes, try for the smaller one as they pack out a bit as you use them. If it turns out when the helmet arrives on your doorstep that you actually need a larger size, we can always help you out, we want to make sure your helmet fits right to keep you safe. When you are adjusting it, you should always make sure that the strap is tight with only a couple finger widths at most between your chin and the strap. It is practically pointless to be wearing a helmet with the strap loose.

Most longboarders and skateboarders are fine with regular half shell helmets. These helmets have been designed for skateboarding and are comfortable to wear while offering protection in the areas we are predicted to hit most. There are 2 types of shells to consider, one is a soft padded shell that is fine for moderate speeds and cruising and the other is a hard shell and offers maximum protection to high speed and high impact situations.

The next step up in longboarding helmets are full face helmets. If you are just looking for a starter full face we have a great selection of Bell Full-Face Helmets at an affordable price. If you’re looking for the maximum protection we have Downhill Skateboard specific full-face designs from companies like Triple 8 and Predator. Full-face helmets are often mandatory to participate in racing events and are just generally a good idea if you are reaching speeds capable of taking your face off on concrete. And feeling like a power ranger when you’re longboarding is pretty rad too.

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