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Longboard Risers and Shock Pads

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Need some more clearance or shock resistance? If you answered, “YES,” then you need a riser or a shock pad! Risers are made out of hard plastic and are installed between your trucks and your board. They lift you up a bit higher allowing you to ride

looser trucks


bigger wheels

without getting wheelbite. Shock Pads also boost your board up but their main function is to reduce shock and vibration from the road below you. It is never a bad idea to throw a little something in between your trucks and board to add to the life of your longboard!

Risers and shock pads are great little features that add specific detail to a couple of different situations. Are you experiencing a little wheel bite on your top mount, are you not turning enough from your front end or noticing tiny little cracks coming from the holes drilled in your board? Riser pads and shock pads fix and prevent all of those problems.

Shock pads are super thin, highly absorbent rubber pads that separate the wood of your skateboard deck from the metal of the trucks, thus dampening the vibrations from the road. They are helpful in long distance/frequent commuting and high impact street skate/freestyle situations. Ultimately they lead to the reduction of pressure cracks in a longboard or skateboard deck to make them last longer. Riser pads on the other hand are often made of a hard plastic and provide more space between the board and wheels giving you more wheel clearance. But an angled riser pad will change the dynamics of the steering. Installing an angled riser will dramatically change how your board turns or doesn’t turn, depending on which way you are mounting them. Face them in one direction and you will find that all of a sudden you can turn on a dime, and if you place them the other direction you will find that you can hardly turn at all! This process is called ‘Wedging’ and ‘De-Wedging,’ and through experimentation you can dial the exact feel you want for slalom, freeride and downhill.

Don’t forget that Riser Pads need to be combined with a longer hardware so they can be properly mount to the deck! So make sure you remember to grab some longer hardware when you pick up your risers too!

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