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Longboard Slide Gloves

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If you are going to be riding a longboard for anything more than getting from Point A to Point B then you should definitely pick up some slide gloves. Not only do slide gloves allow you to do half of the tricks and technical slides out there, they also keep skin on your palms when you take a bail! Have you ever tried to tigerclaw with no skin on your palms? Not fun! We have a huge assortment of slide gloves for you to check out. We have everything from

Landyachtz Freeride slide gloves


Loaded Race slide gloves

. Pick your poison!

We offer two main categories of slide gloves at Daddies, heavy-duty leather gloves and softer freeriding gloves made out of combinations of neoprene, kevlar, and other materials.

If you are just starting out, we recommend that you choose a leather glove with finger protection because you will undoubtedly be dragging your fingers on the ground. When learning how to slide, the combination of leather gloves and finger pucks will make it much more durable for you. When racing, you don’t have to choose a model with finger pucks but if you plan on riding fast and aggressive, leather is always a good idea. Nobody likes finger road rash! Brands like Sector 9, Blood Orange, and Loaded have great gloves in their leather line up. For experienced riders, take a browse around the lighter gloves offering minimal protection outside of the puck. These gloves are designed for freeriders that already know how to slide so the risk of blowing out the thin material of the fingers decreases substantially. Gloves like the Landyachtz Bones Glove or the Arbor Signature Slide Glove are great examples of lightweight freeriding gloves designed for hot weather and a lot of sideways action.

We sell many different brands of slide gloves and have made it easy for you to click around and compare each of them so go ahead and explore our slide glove selection and hit us up if you have any further questions.

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