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Marisa Nunez Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Team Riders
Marisa Nunez Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Rider Bio
Heylloooo Marisa here, I´m originally from Lima, Peru and I´ve lived in Miami, FL, USA for most of my life. I don´t exactly live anywhere right now, I´m just traveling the world with my suitcase and my skate gear, chasing summers and IGSA races around the world. This is the lifestyle I´ve always dreamed of, and I feel so extremely blessed to be doing this now. I´m absolutely in love with downhill skateboarding, it´s my fuel to keep going. I love to see new places and experience different cultures, I feel like it´s a certain type of education that can´t be found in any school system or taught by any teacher, and it´s the most valuable knowledge that you can get. "Traveling is not a matter of money, but of courage" - Paulo Coello.

10 Questions

How did you get into wood-pushing?

I got into woodpushing through a group of friends who would get together every week at my university to skate down the parking garages. I´ve always thought longboarding was cool and I wanted it to be a part of my life. I felt like it really fit with me and my lifestyle, so it was easy to get sucked in, and then I became obsessed. I would watch Youtube videos of longboarding every single night for hours, until I was certain that I had seen every single one. Then, Silverfish, Skatehousemedia and Nofuture came along, and it was all downhill from there. I started going to the local races with the Miami Longboard Crew, and discovered what skate trips felt like. I haven´t stopped planning on them since.

Where is your favorite place to skate?

I´ve skated quite a few places in my time by now... I´d have to say that my favorite road to skate has been Loprado in Santiago, Chile. This road is bloody epic. The pavement is perfect for drifting and gripping, it´s very long and has the right variations. The top section is FAST with mostly sweepers and a couple tight sweepers that you have to brake for. The middle section has 3 tight hairpins, perfect for throwing fast predrifts, left and right. The bottom section has a decent speed with back to back S sweepers that you can grip without braking tuck. My favorite road up to date.

Who are your favorite skaters?

The skaters who have inspired me the most have been, Katie Neilson, Kevin Reimer, and Ishtar Backlund. Katie has always been the girl skater who I´ve wanted to ride with. She has courage like that of no other girl I´ve seen. Kevin has been my technique inspiration since I started downhilling. I´ve always tried to imitate his style because it just seems so correct. Ishtar has been my traveling inspiration. This girl is so independent and brave, she has no hesitation to just go out and seize the world, and she´ll do it on her own. I´m so glad that I´ve had the opportunity to travel and skate with her because she has such great energy and is so easy to get along with. Hope the skate tripping lasts a very long time!

Between a bear, dragon, and a shark, which one would you fight and why?

I think I´d have a better chance with a bear in a fight because it is in my own element, it doesn´t fly, so it couldn´t pick me up and drop me to my death, and it doesn´t live in the ocean where it could easily drown me and shred me to pieces before I even know it. Besides, I´ve always slept with a stuffed teddy bear when I was little, so maybe it would want to cuddle with me instead of fight me. Bears are cute, there is a slight chance!

What is your current board setup?

Rayne Baby Killer, Aera K3´s, Venom bushings, and Abec11 Flashbacks 81a. Fun all day errday, yo.

What is your favorite food?

I´d have to say... sushi. Every time we plan on going to a good sushi restaurant, I get extremely happy and my mouth instantly begins to salivate.

Who are your current sponsors?

Sponsors are Rayne Lonboards, Abec 11, Aera Trucks, SkateSlate, and last but certainly not least, DADDIES BOARD SHOP.

What is your favorite trick?

Tricks are for kids, but I can nollie if I wanted to.

Why do you like to ride for Daddies Board Shop?

Well... let me just say that Daddies has to be one of the raddest sponsors in the world. It is just so easy to work with Mel and everyone on the team, the email replies are punctual every time and the support is consistent. They always try to do everything in their power to help, and would never turn their back. I´m truly blessed to be a part of this team, I´ll represent them to the fullest because they deserve everything back. Such a loving family the Lovelands!

What are your thoughts on zombies?

Zombies scare the crapballs out of me. I hope I never cross ways with one in my life.



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