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Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels - 72.5mm

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Orangatang Moronga Longboard Wheels - 72.5mm - SET OF FOUR




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80a version is awful! Toooo grippy and makes a ton of noise both riding fast and slow! And for the price you are paying you can get a wayyyyyy better wheel! Be smart and be a good friend with your wallet, set-up and every day shred life by not getting this wheel.

Enough Said.
Good for sliding
worth the price
defiantly worth the price. have had these wheels for about 6 months now and only about a centimeter bass worn off.
I've had the 83a's for a year now and I can't see much wear whatsoever. BUT if you want a long icy slide I would recommend the 86's NOT the 83's.
but these are the best wheels I have had
pure rubber
If you want a chattery, rubbery, loud sketchy wheel, this is for you. Don't get them, don't get orangatang for that matter. Save yourself the money
I hated these wheels. They feel like they are made out of rubber. They are too expensive for what they have to offer. They also are extremely inconsistent throughout the slide. I would slide and I wouldn't be able to break them out then the next slide they break out like nothing. I will slide and in the middle of the slide they will grip up and ice out on me. I seriously would not recommend these wheels to anyone. If you want some wheels go get some Cult Classics or Volantes or something.
I hated these wheels. They feel like they are made out of rubber. They are too expensive for what they have to offer. They also are extremely inconsistent throughout the slide. I would slide and I wouldn't be able to break them out then the next slide they break out like nothing. I will slide and in the middle of the slide they will grip up and ice out on me. I seriously would not recommend these wheels to anyone. If you want some wheels go get some Cult Classics or Volantes or something.
Awesome wheels
I have 80a and they have lasted me ages and they are very slidy and buttery they are not at all icy and they are a great wheel my favourite wheels ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not bad
I've owned both 83a and 80a. The 83a has a more icy feel. They have no grip at all. Wouldn't recommend. However the 80a dosnt kill much speed when sliding and has a good mixture of grip and slide. Would Buy 80a again but don't like 83a
I got the 86a they are super easy to slide
nice wheels good for speed checks
Awesome slide wheel
I have the 86a versions. They are my first wheel I have ever tried and I learned how to slide on them fairly easily. And now that I know how to do some slides I love these wheels. But they are a bit sketchy at high speeds. I would recommend these wheels for 35 mph and under. But these wheels are VERY loud when slid. But it is an overall awesome wheel because it lasts a LONG time and are centerset so when coned you just flip for even longer lifespan.
I got the 86a version of these wheels, and let me tell you, they are EXTREMLEY grippy. They won't let go of the ground, it's also very hard to slide on the 86a. If you're going to get these wheels, get the 80a or 83a.

I wouldn't buy these wheels, I like Cloud Ride Ozone's way better!
Great wheels! same thing with the stimulus os they are a little icy at first but once you get furthur into the wheels they start to get better and better. i had the 83a and they were pretty awsome. my wheels didnt chatter though.
Dope Wheels
Good roll speed
Small contact patch is awesome
center -set is great
I have 83a and there are great for sliding and downhill
Nice wheels
I got a set of 83a Morongas about a month ago i didn't really like them at first, after you wear down a few mm they start to slide really buttery but still sorta loud. they are getting quieter the more i wear them down all in all great wheel
perfect wheels, like a sexy girl with golden skin who has an awesome personalite
these wheels are amazing (ha! get it???) but these are fantasitic wheels that will keep you WANTING MORE. i have had the 83a wheels for a couple days now, and let me tell you, when u first get these wheels, ur gunna rub that shit all over your body. ITS SO SOFT!!!!!! but im a heavy dude around 180 pounds and had barely any chattery feeling when i first slid on these. i broke them in and decided to go a little faster than what i normally do and got around a 50 foot slide. and they leave really nice thane!!!!! and they dont ware down fast!!!! but i trusted these wheels to go super fast, and they have a very nice, predictable amazing slide that will just make you jizz your pants. i loved them!! go orangatang!!!!! GET THESE WHEELS IF YOU WANT YOUR MIND BLOWN! (:
really good!
Morongas are really great wheels for anyone from beginner to advanced riders. When you first start skating these they are a tiny bit chattery and unpredictable, but once they wear down a couple mm they become super controllable and smooth. The slide is super sugary and a bit icy but not in a bad way. I have had all 3 duros, cored my 80a and 86a's and am skating 83a now. They do last long then most wheels but if skate hard then they wear pretty quick. Mine last me about 2 weeks. GO GET SOME
cant say bad, but cant say good either
if i could give it a 2.5 i would. coning is great, they last long, but if you want to slide for dayzzz, then i would recommend abec11. they roll suprisingly well for 86a, and are smoother than most wheels over bad pavement, but sliding is not too great. not enough butter. speed checks are average, but holding out slides could be better.
slightly below average
hmm... let's see
the morongas are slightly buttery, however, they could be better. i would say they are the best of orangatang, but orangatang is pretty much a bad wheel company. i guess you could settle for these, but they are also quite costly for a mediocre wheel. it was hard to learn to slide on these. one thing hard to do is hold at 90 for a long time. ONE GREAT THING- coning is amazing. no flatspots whatsoever. the downside of that is that they leave absolutely no thane.

IF I COULD RECOMMEND SOMETHING, get the pink powerballs. the shape is almost identical, but the price is lower and the quality is approximately ten billion times better.
First time slider
I love these wheels. They give you a nice smooth ride and are nice for sliding. Not super grippy but not super buttery. A happy medium of both.
sharing my expert knowledge on the Orangutan Morongas

I am Pat Cosgrave of The Raodside Skate, professional skating group. and i like to point out some pros and cons of the 86a Morongas.

Pros: excellent pushing wheel

Cons: Extreamly horrible!!!!

dont buy these wheels!
amazing wheels
these wheels are amazing they are loud at first but because the urethane is long lasting once you slide on them at first its loud but after that they are amazingly quiet and leave great thane lines get them i have the 86a but if you can slide really well get a softer wheel that way the slides are smoother
The morognas are a great all around set of wheels at 80a they slide well out the box but chatter and make a lot of noise but that stops after they've been worn down about a 1mm or 2 and from there on for me they've been buttery.
Horrible Wheels
the Orangatang morongas are really bad and screachy! i got the 86a ones a while back and i could slide barly at all! i did enough to ware them in only just but they were still pathetic! then i put my 86a stimies on and they were a lot better!!! just go for stimules instead!
These ARE good push wheels.
Not sure why these only have a 1 rating for pushing. Center set wheels are awesome for pushing, and these have a great roll speed. Also, super predictable and comfortable drifts, and plenty quiet if you have good bearing spacers (or just use tektons).
No Grom here boiz
These are a nice wheels to hippyjump on, na jks. I like to pull smooth (no monkey toe like liam) toe sides. Very very consistant, however once you are close to the core they start to feel like a 86a wheel. One thing that surprised me is how big the core (it is were the white line thingo is lol). They also kinda thane orange just sorta. So get them if your after a conistant longlasting wheel.

Basemen out
great but chattery
love these wheels for sliding only thing is they have a loud chatter to them.
really nice.
i have the 86a yellows. and are such a nice smooth ride, buttery slide. i really love these wheels just super awesome all around
Swag fo long time
This wheel is icy whilst you are breaking them in, once that pre scrubbing has worn off this wheel is very smooth and predicable. They have lasted well too. I have tried many wheels and I rate them up with THESE and Butterballs.
These are THE wheels. No other orangatang is as good as these wheels. 100% the best
Orangatang Moronga 80a
This wheel feels like a harder wearing happy thane wheel. This wheel definitely fits in the harder wearing/icier wheels compared to the quick wearing/buttery wheels. This wheel will add about 20% more length to your slides. The wheel acts about the same as a normal otang, very chattery out of the box, takes some patience when breaking in cause it takes a while to break in, but slides super smooth and controllable when you get past that chattery layer. I also have the 86a fat frees and the 80 morongas slide very similar. Though these wheels are really easy to slide, I would not recommend them to a beginner because of how long they take to break in. If you are a beginner slider you will be pissed off riding these. I would recommend them for the intermediate slider who is tired of their same old hill and wants to experiment with new slides, longer slides, and trickier maneuvers.
This wheel is dope af... its like sliding on a rainy day!
i had zombie hawgs 82a then i got these in 83a these things and i herp derped
Noisyest wheel I've had yet. I thought too high of these wheels and I was a little disappointed. It's really unpredictable but still a decent slide wheels. If u want a quiet buttery slide get some butterballs or abec 11 classic thane formulas for the cheaper price
Great wheel
I have these and I did a review a while back and said they're great but I rode the danos downhill wheels and they're only 35$ and almost as good. These wheels are really, really good but just not worth $50 when you can get the danos for 15$ less.
good & bad
Befor I've ride O'tang Balut 86a that was good on slide but broke the core...These wheel are the same but they don't broke at all. They're nice at the begining but after 2-3 session i've try some long standies and after like 5-7 meter they grip a lot and I fail. I thinks if you don't go enought fast they won't slide the same on all of you're slide and slow you down. just practice a lot and fast and they wont be like that :)
Pretty Good Wheels (pt. 2)
Oh, and one other thing: I'm disappointed with the thane on the 80as. It leaves thick lines, but they're dark orange and you can hardly see them. I prefer bigger, chalkier thane.
Pretty Good Wheels
Well, I got the 80a wheels a few weeks ago, and I can safely say I'm satisfied. They're not "perfect" but I really do like them. Some pros: they slide really easily, but maybe a bit too easily. I almost iced out once on a standy, and I'm finding it harder to hold out standies sideways as opposed to my last set of wheels (bootleg 84a). They don't slow you down much when you slide, which is good and bad I guess, but once you get used to them you can do all sorts of ground slides on them relatively easily. They turn really well (probably because of the 35mm contact patch) and they are a pretty fast set of wheels. All in all, worth my money.
these wheels are awesome, i originally had orange durians, and just bought these a week ago and i gotta say they are great. i put them on my dervish same and the results are fantastic! they slide like butter right out of the box! if ur looking for great sliding freeride wheels i defiantly recommend the morongas (83a)
Good Freeride Wheel
A great wheel... but they do cone quickly and make noises when sliding.
great wheels
i just got the 83a and right away they we great, they slide very well
and i havent worn muck at all. They get a little niosy what sliding at low speed but other then that fantastic.
These wheels are cool
They slide nicely, Plus they are centered which make them last way longer. &&& they're also light, get them
i ride the 83a on my vandal and i do standys that are so big even ron jeremy is jelous. took these puppies out to some hills and i loved them. only downside is that before they are broken in, they are really really really slidey and will slip out when you slide around 30. i let my friend break them in for me because im to big of a bitch but i love them.
Purple 83a
I got thees with my Paris V2s on my DiamondDrop and it's lovely.
great sliding wheel
get the purples!!!!!!!
Better than hawgs
I had 80a hawgs, but then got a 80a pair of these, and I was all lik
e dhjskfjsjfijdis kg jsif SO AMAZING!
just put these on my rayne Nem....Haven't broke them in yet, but will post a review as soon as i do.
awesome wheels
Put these wheels on my chubby unicorn. They're awesome wheels. Slide nicely, still noisy, but you get past that.

Get the orangatang moronga's
Good wheel
These are great freeride wheels I have the 86as the weird thing is how good they are for carving. If you don't want these wheels to slide, they won' least not at high speeds.(under 15mph about) also these wheels will slide when you want. Very well actually. They did take a day to fully break in. Or I was just getting better. (I learned how to slide on these wheels.) these are definitely worth it. Uh also these slide differently then other wheels. So you might have to get used to them.
Only downside is small. There just really, really loud when you slide them. Oh yeah and they cone so when they do, flip them. Rides really smooth, very predictably, great hookup, awesome slide wheels get them.
dope af
cool name. moronga. i like that
These wheels put off a pretty nice slide. slightly noisy, though.
looks pretty gnarly! Definatly preordering

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How They Shred:

The Orangatang Moronga is a freerider's dream wheel. It has a slim profile, so kicking it out and going sideways is easier than ever! The Moronga is made with Orangatang’s Euphorethane, which has all the amazing slide characteristics of their original urethane formula, but it wears much better and lasts WAY LONGER! And if that wasn’t enough, the Moronga is a center-set wheel so as they begin to cone, you can flip them over and get double the life out of them! The wheels are also pretty lightweight, so they're really fun on boards geared for freestyle and any other kind of wizardry involving pops and ollies!

Pick up a set, go sideways, get yo’ thane on, and just have some fun! Orangatang once again delivers a sweet wheel that's full of stoke!

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