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Price Matching At Daddies Board Shop

We price match. And we'll give you 5% off for doing it.

We want to give you the best prices and best customer service. We know that nobody ever, ever, ever beats our customer service. But, we’re also going to take care of you if someone dares to try and beat us on price!

Here’s how price matching works:

  1. First, place your order on at the current price
  2. Within 24 hours of your purchase, email us at
    The email must contain:
    • A link to the competitor’s webpage with the lower price 
    • A detailed description of the product and the total price (including shipping and taxes). If you are buying a complete, you must list each component
  3. 3. Within two business days of receiving your email, we will adjust the price and give you an additional 5% off the product we are price matching. The 5% discount applies to products only, not shipping.

To qualify for a price match, the product we are matching has to be in stock & exactly the same – brand, graphic, color, season, size, etc. If you are buying a complete, the components have to be exactly the same & in stock . No exceptions – sorry Charlie. The price must also take into account all costs that the competitor is charging for the item, including shipping, handling and taxes. Finally, the competitor's price must be at least $1,00 greater than our own to qualify.

Sorry for all the rules and regulations, but we hope you understand why we need them. In a nutshell, if it’s exactly the same thing, we match it. If it’s not exactly the same thing, we’ll still take great care of you but just can’t match on price.

Also excluded from the price match offer are:

  • Items that are out of stock on either or the competitor’s site
  • Retailers that don’t have pricing on the website (the price must be on the website)
  • Prices for competitors that are not located in the United States
  • Products that are not sold by authorized resellers (excludes Amazon and eBay)
  • Discounted items, coupon codes, gift codes, gift cards or other promotions
  • Discounted items or giveaway items by competitors 
  • Clearance items and items in the Daddies Smokin' Deals section
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