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Prism Natalie Pluto Pro Longboard Deck

Prism Natalie Pluto Pro Longboard Deck

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  • Details

    Prism is excited to announce the release of the Pluto Pro!
    From Natalie Pluto: "I wanted to create a lightweight board that is ideal for both beginner and advanced riders. I'm very passionate about the symmetrical top mount shape that offers riding ability in both directions, allowing spontaneous and carefree flow in lines. The 43.4" length is a happy medium between freestyle and dance. I designed this deck to be more trick focused, yet it still leaves plenty of room on the face of the board to throw in mixed dance steps and variations. The construction is built more towards a stiff flex type, a style I prefer when it comes to stability and speed while doing tricks. Being a big fan of lifted kicks, I had to include this in the final design to allow maximum popping ability for powerful no complys and controlled flip tricks. This board is also mad fun if you're just looking to cruise along the beach or to the store."

    • Width: 9 x  Length: 43.4"
    • Wheelbases: 27", 28"
    • 7-ply maple with 2-ply M-core (composite)
    • Symmetrical top-mounted shape
    • Stiffer, freestyle level of flex
    • Grab rails for hand tricks and weight reduction
    • Street style kicks for ultimate pop on tricks
    • Art by Oceane Costantini
  • Specs


Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
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