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Randal R-II 180mm Longboard Trucks - 50 Degree

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Randal R-II 180mm Longboard Trucks - 50 Degree - SET OF TWO



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The Standard
...that all other longboard trucks are compared to.
I had some gullwing chargers. My board got ran over, I got these, went down some sick hills with crazy loose trucks, never got speed wobbles. Don't change bushings, these are as good as they get.
Loooooooove them.
These are sick trucks! I tighten them a bit and they are great downhill trucks, loosen them, and they are a carve around town machine! Absolutely love 'em.
There amazing
I've had these trucks for about 7 months now. I love them so much. I got new bushings for them, venom barrels, and now these trucks are amazing. I can go sliding and tighten up the trucks and can go downhill. I've went downhill around 40ish and these keep you stable very well. For the price you can't beat these trucks!!!
they aight
Good low priced truck. Light weight. Great for speed or free style. Only con to this truck is after a few years the axle came loose within the hanger... I'm going with cals or atlas next for a lower angle.
Pretty legit
They're a great set of trucks. Not sure if its the trucks or the previous owner, but the last guy who had these bent the hanger a bit. My otang nipples dont fit to great in them and are pretty squeaky. I do need to replace them, but they are a solid set of trucks. Great for freestyle and freeride
Best trucks for their price. Great at speeds at least up to thirty, I haven't tried any faster. You can keep them really loose yet still get no wobbles. Definitely buy them.
@ Bebo buy once and you get two... and btw this isnt really a review because ive never ridden these lol
HUGE upgrade from what I had..
Replaced my garbage Gullwing Sidewinders with these, and bought the Khiro double barrel yellow 92a's.... HOLY GOD... My confidence in riding is so much higher now, and when i was really riding DH with these yesterday, no speed wobble unless it was caused by mental, which, wait.....Oh yeah, that didnt happen. No more speed wobble for the speed i was going... maybe 22mph tops? Im extremely happy with these. The only issue is that they arent pretty to look at, I suggest you paint them, tape them up with colored electrical tape, (which is what i did, neon orange) or buy the black ones for 3 bucks more.

Thanks DBS!
Plz reply
Hey so I'm gonna get a maestro mini and I was wondering..... Do these come is sets of 2? Or do I have to buy it twice?
near perfect
definitely the best all-around longboard trucks. Chances are your face will fall off before you get speed-wobble, especially on a deck longer than 48 inches. Right now I have them on my home-made 60 inch cruiser, and they're perfect when they're so far apart, because they're stable enough to walk on, but they still turn. If you're not used to trucks that are loose, you will definitely need to get some harder bushings, because the ones that come with are really soft.
o me god
dude, these trucks r totally like the sh*t lol but seriously, if ur going to get a new pair of longboarding trucks, these r ur best bet G.C.
Great trucks!
Great trucks. Very versatile, great for downhill and carving.
A Question ?
Hey dbs, i recently bought a complete arbor fleetwood from you guys, i really love the board, but not the revenge trucks i got with it. they speed wobble really bad down hills. now will these 180's fit my fleetwood and bigzigz good? and also what's a good bushing kit that allows you to turn, but also won't wobble? Dan Loveland Writes - These will be far more stable than the Revenge trucks. At speed the Revenge will not handle speed. Randal 180's are great for carving and going downhill at speed. MADE IN THE USA.
how do i get the nuts that hold on the wheels. Do they come with the trucks or not? Dan Loveland Writes - Your trucks come with axle nuts. Thanks
These trucks are the best!!
I bought these trucks expecting them to be like any other trucks. When I got them an put them on my board I went straight out the garage and jumped on the board. On the first turn I leaned just as hard as my old trucks an went flying into the grass. I was so happy that I could make a turn with almost no effort. These trucks are the king of all !!!!!!
Better than Paris trucks!
I have a set of these trucks and a set of Paris purple passion trucks. The Paris's I thought would be better but after riding both I came up with this conclusion: Randals are lighter (which I like better for doing tricks); although the Paris trucks look better, both trucks preform equally as good (however Randals are cheaper); and Randals have a removable and interchangeable kingpin. On my Paris trucks the kingpin is set into the baseplate and you cant take it out. Also the kingpin on those trucks is very close to the ground when you ride. I have a friend who rides a loaded cheviche and his kingpin on his Paris's hits the ground sometimes after leaning back too far on a manual. On Randals, the kingpin that comes with it is almost an inch higher off the ground than a Paris when riding, but you can also choose your own kingpin on a Randal. Overall it is a choice between a showy expensive truck that rides well, or a cheaper, lighter truck that gets the job done and rides well.
Paris or Randalls
I have a vanguard and it has Paris 180 mms on it. Should I get Randall 180 mms or is it not worth the money? Dan Loveland Writes - They ride very similar. If you want to change the ride of your board I would upgrade the bushings.
i have the old style from a few years back and still have the stock bushings in. OMG they are sooooooooo soft that i can almost get wheel bite on a board that is designed for 85mm wheels, with my 70mm wheels. BEST MODS TO DO: - shave some bar soap into the pivot cup - turn the kingpin around so the nut is facing out - flip the cup washers if you dont have flat ones already - change the hanger direction often for a different ride ^^^^^^^BUY THESE^^^^^^^ HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
Good Trucks
I live in ohio where there are no longboard stores so you pretty much have to order all your gear online or stop by a store if you happen to be on the West coast. Daddies board shop was great. These trucks are really stable at high speeds, but still trurn very well. I would definetly recomend these trucks.
I love these trucks. I go 40 without problems on the biggest local bridge near me with no speed wobbles.
Love These daddies
I started out with really bad turning trucks and then bought these.They turn great after a little adjustment thanks DBS.
Very Nice
I upgraded my board to these from a set of stock Veloz (A brand that this website wont even carry) and the difference is night from day. I can't believe how nice these things turn for the price. Just buy different bushings and you'll be fine (mine ripped a little at the top).
ive been riding tracker trucks all summer, like the ones that come with a gravity board. but yeah my friend got these for his board, and they are just amazing. they make mine feel like those trucks that come with krown boards
ive had these for quite a while and i like em, but they look like they were hastily slapped together at the last second. it in no way affects the performance of the truck, but it is noticable. i have heard paris trucks bend, and these certainly dont, but the paris ones have a more polished finished and they are much more to look at rather than these
Randall Trucks
Literally the best all around truck you can buy, Great for downhill with the correct bushing setup, reliable for free-ride and sliding. Bear Grizzlies are not as good as these because there leaning more to the downhill truck and there not the best free-riding truck. :D
Busted Bush
Nice truck Mean And Stable Altho It Didnt Take Long To Tear The Original Bushes, They Are Very Soft. I Recommend When Getting These Wicked Awesome Beasts That U Get The Khiro Kit Too For The Comfort U Like.
Baseplate Degree?
So i know that with the hanger angles the higher the angle the more "carvy" the truck is, but what does the baseplate angle do? I noticed that this truck has both a fifty degree baseplate and a forty-two degree baseplate and am not sure what to go with. Dan Loveland Writes - The baseplate dictates the angle of the hangar. 42 degree baseplates are more stable than 50 degree.
awesome value
These a great carving truck stock. With some tweaking, and say some venom downhill barrel bushings they even make a great downhill truck. I paid a lot more for a pair of bear grizzlys and I can't say that I like them any better, maybe not as much. This I say "awesome value".
Best trucks
These are great. Combine these with some venom bushings and your good to go
best ever
these are the best all purpose longboard trucks ever! fact not opinion!
good stuff
these are vary good trucks but if you like them tight get new bushings, cause they tend to split. but these are great trucks!!
These trucks are great all around, good for carving and downhill they are super durable i had them for about a year now, i got a landyachtz chinook, purple o'tang stimulus, and black panther abec 7 bearings with these trucks and my rided is smooth and fast
The only truck that is in my world
These trucks are my favorite. Best truck for anything, I use them on all my boards, from dancers to freeride, to a mini. They turn SOOOOOO well compared to all my other trucks. Mega light and easy for flip tricks. Flippable hangars, so I can have one pair of trucks for two things, downhill or carving.
These trucks are stable at high speeds, and feel responsive, even on my longer boards. Only thing I'd say is that I like to get my trucks a little bit tight, and I had to replace my bushings. I'd say that I'm the exception in this case, but if you know you want a tighter truck, I'd recommend this one, but with some harder bushings.
what angle trucks would I need for a vanguard? the 50 or 42? Dan Loveland Writes - I would go with the 50 degree baseplates.
Diverse Truck
When I purchased my new longboard I knew I needed these Randals. They are super flexy and makes carving a breeze. I also like how they allow you to bomb hills or cruise in a city. Best all around trucks.
love these trucks
when i want down a gnarly hill, i went 48 mph. i came no where close too speed wabble, but can still turn on a dime
Question for DBS
Will these trucks need longer bolts if you use a 1/2" angled riser pad with them? Dan Loveland Writes - Yes, you will need 1.5" hardware for 1/2 inch riser.
Great Trucks
You can not go wrong with these trucks, great fro free-ride, carving, and cruising, i do recommend getting so khiro bushings for it. i recommend this truck to everyone experienced or new to long-boarding...

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The Randal 180mm 50 Degree Raw trucks are American-made classic longboard trucks that are built to last.  Randal has been around since the 1970’s producing “speed trucks” that will outperform a large chunk of their competition. If you need a truck that is stable at high speeds yet still offers a lot of response and a wide turning radius then Randal 180mm Degree Raw trucks are just what you are looking for! 

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