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Zealous Bearings
Zealous Bearings

Zealous Bearings


Zealous Bearings are one of the most popular bearings in the industry. With built in speed rings and spacers at a precise .4045" these bearings eliminate all slop in your wheels for smooth rolling and predictable slides. They're lubed with nanoceramic grease that finds all of the small dings in the balls, fills them in, and corrects the bearings for a frictionless roll. This equates to a fast, smooth, and long lasting, self-fixing bearing. The steel ball bearings give you a fast and durable roll in an inexpensive and affordable price. For all styles of riding including downhill, freeride, or just cruising around, the Zealous Steel Built In Bearings are perfect for you.

  • Precision 8mm axle holes
  • 0.4045″ built in spacers
  • 0.5mm built in speedrings
  • Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing
  • Lubed with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease
  • Extremely low water washout
  • Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated

Customer Reviews

good bearings
they are awesome. I feel like I am gliding on air. These are a lot better compared to my loaded jehu's those were over-hyped.
slow and overgreased
I bought this bearings because of positive reviews here, but when I got it they was lubricated with heavy grease, and there was to much grease so it even got out from the rubber seals gaps and the dust starting to stick to that grease resulting in absolute mess. I cleaned out this grease with acetone and put couple of drops of speed oil, after that they started to roll faster. I didn't expect that I need to clean relubricate brand new bearing
Best on the market
I've been street skating since I was 7 years old. Im 17 now. I've gone through TONS of bearings. 10+ pairs of Reds, FKDs, Zero bearings, Black Panthers, tons of Luckys, and so on. The most impressive I've had are probably Black Panthers. That is, until I bought a pair of these. They are the cheapest AND the best. No lie. I have a friend who bought one pair of these and he's been ripping them for over 3 years. He says they're still good as new. These are the miracle bearing.
Cheap and effective.
Fast, silent, and relatively easy to maintain and clean. Having built-in spacers and speed rings is a godsend. Great price and the green shields look legit, too.
Amazing Bearings and Built-ins too!? Hell yeah
These are some damn good bearings. I know Reds are supposed to be the go to bearing for any compete setup, but in my eyes, these are the essentials for any skater's quiver. And they're cheaper than reds too! Why wouldn't you get these! They're super smooth and give already high roll speed wheels even more speed. Also they come packaged in a nice little tube which you can use to store things. I use mine to store extra unused bearings. Get these killer lime bearings! You won't regret it!
These bad boys are unreal!!
I'm incredibly satisfied with the way these bearings perform, 10 times more stable than the rush abec 9s that I was riding before I had RECEIVED these. They have the claimed "speedlock" stabilization system spacers that CAME in the package with THEM, apparently they were supposed to prevent speed wobble while keeping your trucks stable..needless to say that they didn't live up to their promise. Zealous bearings on the other Hand without a doubt delivered a smooth and solid ride with absolutely no wheel slop, I feel way more confident with these under my feet. Speed wobble is virtually eliminated! I 100% recommend these bearings over anything else out there, they simply cannot be beat for the price! Thanks daddies for sending me some kick ass product :)
Awesome bearings!
They are really smooth. I previously owned Bones Supers and they are pretty good but I prefer Zealous over them. Plus they are cheaper!
Good durably bearing
You can't go wrong with these although they are a little slow spinning at first they last twice as long and with the built in spacers.
RAD!!! Buy Them NOW!
Don't listen to the losers who go for freespin, that's not what these are about. Broken in, these are amazing. Smooth, quiet, and fast enough to burn the hair off your legs... almost too fast! Better than Bones Supers. For the price point, they are WELL worth the money! Go ahead, pay big bucks for the ceramics or just buy a few sets of these and trash them when you are done. Less mess, less time cleaning bearings, more time skating, but hardly a compromise in performance. Broken in, these skate just as good as any ceramic. Your choice... skate or clean.
I love these bearings they're so smooth and last a very long time, The nano ceramic grease is awesome, I now have them on all of my boards, buy these : )

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