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Ricky Garcia Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Team Riders
Ricky Garcia Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Rider Bio
My name is Ricardo Garcia, I'm 16 years old and I live in Puerto Rico. I've been skating since I was 14 and here in Puerto Rico, the sport has become very popular and is spreading like a wild fire. I skate because it's my passion, I skate to have fun and help others into the longboarding community.. I really like to longboard with my friends. They are the reason that I skate because they were the ones that inspired me to keep on moving with my longboarding. I also skate because I feel like I am flying out of control. And longboarding is really my real passion and will never stop. My favorite style of riding would be crazy freeriding. My favorite part about skating is the community in which we are all a part of, growing as a family.

10 Questions

How did you get into wood-pushing?

I got into longboarding by the spread of the sport in my neighborhood.

Where is your favorite place to skate?

My favorite hill has to be Malaga!

Who are your favorite skaters?

Petter Reinem, James Kelly and Louis Pilloni.

Between a bear, dragon, and a shark, which one would you fight and why?

I would fight against a dragon, because if I defeat him, I would get his wings to fly!

What is your current board setup?

My board setup is Original Freeride Beast 38 rocker, Caliber Trucks, and orange fat frees.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza.

Who are your current sponsors?

Daddies Board Shop!

What is your favorite trick?

My favorite tricks to do are big stand up slides!

Why do you like to ride for Daddies Board Shop?

Like to? I LOVE to ride for Daddies!

What are your thoughts on zombies?

Zombies are awesome!


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