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Ronin Cast Longboard Trucks - 180mm

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Ronin Cast Longboard Trucks - 180mm - SET OF TWO



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A lot of bushing experimentation need, but now I can't go back to any other cast truck
Heads up, long review:
Will start of by saying the only downside I can find with Ronins cast line is the weight. Will give you arms a good workout, probably won't be able to pull ollies, but wont stop you from doing tiger claws, big spins, etc. Also the time it took to find the perfect bushing setup is another downside, but of course that will differ for everyone.

Ronin's support pin really has a huge effect on the truck. It makes leaning and turning take so much less effort, and because of this, bushing duro should definitely not be underestimated. At 170lb, I usually use an average of ~89a bushings, so I thought dual 95a barrels should be fine. Was very wrong. Had to go with either 95a barrel w/ 95a riptide APS chubby, or 95a barrel with 100a barrel. A lot of experimentation had to be done but the end result was just so versatile and still feels like sex under my feet.

The support pins' relief of angled force, that is produced when leaning in a turn, not only makes the truck feel fluid and much easier to lean, but when you are in a deep lean in a turn, there is still little resistance to stop you from changing your turn angle/radius. Combined with the huge rake, gripping corners is so much easier, and you feel like you can easily adjust your line.

Many people won't use Ronins for freeride because they grip longer in the turn before hitting a point of resistance where your energy leaning, turns into energy to push the board sideways. I found this easily solved with a Riptide APS tall chubby boardside. For me it worked best when the chubby was the same duro as the boardside barrel (95a). The extra urethane made the end of the lean come much earlier in the turn and makes it very enjoyable freeridable, feeling like an extremely stable Paris 43° except without the unpredictability of Paris' lack of bushing seat & centre point, and with dive. Despite the resistance to the lean coming earlier, you can still easily adjust your lines in turns with a chubby boardside because of the large amount of rake.

It is of course known that the truck is great for high speeds. Apart from how it takes corners, it is still stable due to being a low angle. The easy lean doesn't reduce its stability as long as you already know how to tuck properly, and have an ideal bushing setup for your weight and deck width. The support pins also keeps the centre point very strong and predictable, despite the fact that no bushing seat actually exists. Not much else to add here.

Of course if you simply don't like the feeling of the liveliness that is created with large rake, then not much else will change that. But if you've bought a pair and about to sell them, I'd highly recommend really tinkering with bushings, especially if you're simply finding them too loose and grippy.

Summary time:
These trucks are some of the most versatile currently being sold widely. I'll take them downhill, freeriding, and even city cruising and dancing and amazes me is that in all situations it *feels* the best out of all the trucks I own, and with very little adjustment. You're getting the same geometry as their precision counter parts, and they will last you a very long time unless you find a way to ruin your threads. If you've just been buying standard size barrel cast trucks, eg. Paris, Caliber, Bears, etc. would highly recommend spending the extra money, and if you're currently trying out other cast precision geometry trucks, like Arsenal and Rogue, would recommend for someone looking for a more raked and lively setup that can grip sharper corners.

Once again only downside is weight. Of course I prefer having a heavier truck to a bent one.
Good match with Icarus?
Getting into the longer boards recently. Will these be a good match with the Loaded Icarus? Or is this overkill?
I like all kinds of trucks, each has its merits: Some dive (Paris), some are loose centered but have a turn limit (Randal), but these Ronins are definitely a new feel. The turn is very linear and smooth from center, but they seem like they will never stop turning, this is why you should really get the bushings (board side) recommended for your weight off the Ronin Website, it seems to help with defining a limit. I am 175 and the Fruit punch is too soft which allows wheelbite on most setups, the Ice Tea bushing still has plenty of turn but it seems to prevent that last little bit of movement to keep wheelbite at bay. Roadside you can experiment a bit, with different brands of bushings or just more Ronin bushings (they seem dead in the hands, but run great in practice). I would never just have one kind of trucks, but I definitely think anyone with multiple setups should get at least one set of these, the feel is very nice and quite different.
Excellent but..
these trucks are excellent don't get me wrong the best cast truck. but you should spend the extra 10 bucks to buy a pair of surf rodz. I currently own both and prefer the Surf Rodz. It is all a matter of personal reference. i just say you should spend an extra 10 bucks and buy a pair of Surf Rodz precision trucks.
I have tried a few precision trucks such as PNL and aera and i like these trucks more. They are extremely stable I have a setup way softer than i should have for my weight on a 25" wheelbase and i take it up 65km/h and it is extremely stable. When I am going ffaster than usual though i sometimes get a little wobble through a corner for example but with these trucks it is so easy to just ride it out. These trucks are also good because they have a huge amount of lean through corners and carving before a slide i really like that. These trucks are good for whatever you are doing, I have tried them for DH, fastish freeride (60) and then I threw them on my skateboard and it was super fun on the short WB and it was still stable on the skateboard and it was fun for carving. I have ridden these almost everyday for about 7 months and they have minimal bending (it is bent but not noticeable when riding or looking at). These will just give you a feeling of confidence in your riding these trucks are amazing but the main downside I have noticed is the pivot tubes that they come with are complete garbage they ware out fast and become sloppy so I wouldn't switch them right away but after they ware (they will fast) buy some riot tubes or riptide pivot tubes for it. And buy a few different duros of bushings because with these trucks it is fun to just test out bushings because one you might think is to soft or to hard for your weight might turn out to be an amazing stable and fun setup.
Great trucks
These trucks are the best. I would say these are one of the best cast trucks you could ever buy. These trucks are awsome because they are stable because of the baseplate angle but at the same time because of the bushings used and the trucks bushing seat it is very turny. at first I didn't like them as much because I went from paris 195s to these and the turning on these were even more (which was shocking) but at the same time at speed they are stable. The turning is very smooth and fluid. These truck are extremely consistent. At first you might not like these trucks but after a little bit of riding you will love these. These are good for both freeride and downhill (freeride because it is very turny and stable and for downhill because of the stability). If you are okay with the price then buy these they are the best. and the cherry on top it comes with awesome stickers.
Description: you feel like jesus..
So I've had my cast robins for about 4 months and these four months have been like sex for my feet. I weigh 240 and these trucks are just fucking amazing! If you go slow they carve enough for slalom and at high speeds (30 is the fastest hill I have near me) they are so stable and stil turn on a dime. If you play around with the bushings a little bit to your preference it will make you want to ejackulate goodness. Just spend the few bucks and get these now. Oh, and upgrading the pivot cups is very wise, makes them like the Ferrari trucks of skating.
Great!! one piece of advice
This trucks are awesome, when I first got them I thought they were unstable but then I remembered that the bushings are taller than normal. Because of this, I upped my bushing duro and now I love these trucks sooooo much.
Ignore everybody else
I don't know what any of the bad reviews are talking about. This are the best trucks i have ever owned. They turn very well and are really stable. They are really great for holding out big standies. If you are on the fence about these trucks get them they are really good.
Near Precision
These are the closest you will get to a precision truck. They are solid, speedy, and they don't have a really restrictive carve like you think they would. Some of the peices are even machined! Get these if you're used to calibers.
Great Trucks
They were a huge change in feeling for me. I went from riding some very restrictive and dead calibers to these. I needed some time to adjust, but once I did, they warmed right up! They have a really lively, leany feeling but still remain stable. The support pin really does what it is advertised to do. Great set of trucks for those who want to go past the standard cast truck world but can't dish out the money for precision trucks. Great for the price and worth every penny. No slop at all, and just feel great. I'm running 93a Venoms all around and this is perfect for me. Try going up a few duros because everything feels soft on these bad boys. Get em!
these trucks are very bulky and work awsome!
Fricken amazing!
I haven't been very fast at all yet on these. (30 mph). But since ive been riding these they're sooooo stable. I rode my friends gullwing trucks and also some bear grizzlys. Those trucks blow compared to cronins. It feels like you could lean back and never get speed wobbles. I haven't had any problems with free riding or the pivot cups yet. I don't think I will. But seriously for 85$ they are balls sweet. Get them.. if you want.. I don't wanna force you into it.. I recommend them though.
these trucks are magestic. okay, picture baby jesus riding a unicorn. and baby jesus decided to make cheaper trucks that are still amazing. these would be those trucks. im talking about if your not the richest homie in the world but you want awesome trucks. scratc out precisions. not talking about those. you get absoultyl no speed wobbles on these trucks, and they can go PRETTY DAMN LOOSE. that support pin is dank! GET THESE MUFU TRUCKS
i dont like
i dont like
Best cast trucks on the market!
In answer to tod, you can slide on these. But some people prefer wheels to slide on.

Overall, these are the best cast trucks on the market so far. Some things sucks, but it's great.

First of all, change the pivot cups.

After that, I found that the stock nuts rust easily.

The price is kind of high, but trust me, it's worth it.
Sweet Baby Jesus
These trucks are absolutely incredible.
Duh you can slide on any trucks. It's like asking if they are made of metal -_-
Not the best
I hated these trucks so much don't buy if you do buy some roit pivot cup cause the stock one a shit overall probs a good truck but ceebs cast trucks but Precision trucks their the way to go
can u slide on theese
Worth it!
If I owned a cast truck company, I would be in a bad spot. Paris, Bear and Gunmetal are what my background trucks are, and Ronin has pretty much taken the best of each of them, made them better, made them all work perfectly, and then sold it to us for $80. I think I have found the truck that I will be sticking with for a very long time ('cept for freestyle, because these babies have some heft to them).

I always worry about switching away from my Paris's, I love the lively feel of riding that they offer over other brands. But I am frequently needing something to handle bigger hills on that my Paris just can't do at 50 degrees. Really needed to see what a support pin could do to a truck, turns out, it makes a downhill truck feel as lively as a paris is, if not more. As my board gets faster, the support pin makes sure that your bushings (at a stock 92a) do exactly what you want them too, provide lean and keep you stable. Have topped 65Km/h doing hills on stock settings (and Bustin Sportster pro, RAD Advantage 80a, Biltin Bearings) and give me an agility on flats that all my riding partners would kill for!

All I can really say, is that anytime things go wrong when I am on my board, I can't blame my equipment anymore.
Best trucks other than precisions
These trucks are soooo incredible! they have a lot of lean when freeriding and when the bushings aren't tightened but also at higher speeds there is absolutely no instability. the only trucks i'd ever buy other than these are precisions (if I had more money) but for only 90 these are honestly the best trucks any one could buy! I will never EVER ride a new set of trucks
Get them!
These are great all around trucks i am a freerider with ocassial downihill and love these things.These will bend over time to be expected with any cast truck)i reccamend you get some riot cups too because the stock ronin ones are a plastic rubber.
Best cast trucks money can buy!
Coming from bear 852's & Gun metal v2 trucks, these are a dream. They're very stable at around 25-30 mph (highest I've taken them so far) on very loose settings. The support pin + bushing floor make the feel of these trucks different then any other. After trying to ride my friend's gun metal's after riding my Ronin's; i felt very uncomfortable. Buy these trucks. You'll never look back. The stock bushings are great too, but i'm looking into riptide tall barrels.
Can't beat 'em
Ok so I've been skating these for about a month and I gotta say these trucks are the best I've tried. When I first heard about them I was pretty skeptical but seriously these are the tits. I keep my as loose as safely possibly and there still stable at 35+ I don't know about higher cause my local hills don't get much faster. It's worth the $85 all day long. Getyasum
I got these trucks coming out I my buzzed v1 and I must say these trucks compare and in my opinion exceed them I was using flat washers and when I stepped on the cast ronin the board felt great out of the box without any adjustments I started riding these trucks there amazing and to anyone who is considering buying these GET THEM.......THEY'RE AMAZING
The good and the bad
I got these trucks on April 19th at first looks they look very heavy. Once you pick them up they feel about the weight of a pair of Paris maybe a tad heavier. They have very straight hangers with pressed in axles. I think they have a titanium kingpin but I am not sure of it. Stock 90a bushings with double barrels sound like no turning but they turn the same as Paris but with a bit more lean. The pivit cups are nice and snug until they break in or you go about 35. You start to feel abit of slop and no center. I am planning on get some roit tubes to fix this problem. I have started 30-35 mile per hour Colemans. These trucks are worth it and are super comfortable for downhill.

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One of the world's leading precision trucks now comes in a cast version! The new Ronin Cast Trucks are ready to dominate your freeride setups with all the the unique features in an affordable package. They feature a 180mm hanger with a 42.5 degree baseplate, making them extremely stable. What separates these trucks from normal trucks is their support pin, which supports the hanger when the weight of the rider is on it, rather than having the weight crush down on the bushings. This pin also creates a second pivot point to give you the truest lean and turn out of your trucks, giving you even more stability and control. They also come stock with 92a "Fruit Punch" bushings that add to the great rebound and give you those sweet fluid turns. The cherry on top is that all the components of the Ronin Cast Trucks are compatible with the Precision Ronin's, letting you switch parts and pieces as you please.

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