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Travis Turner Team Rider

Team Riders
Travis Turner

Rider Bio
My name is Travis Turner, I am 14 years old and have been skating ever since I was about the age of 12. I love skating all of my local freeride and DH hills with all my friends every weekend. I go to all the slide jams I can and try to spread stoke. One thing I've noticed is that once you start skating, it's impossible to stop. There are just so many types of skating that you will never get bored. Never stop skating and always have a great time!

10 Questions

How did you get into wood-pushing?

I first got into longboarding when my dad was developing his business in a factory shared with Loaded. The factory owner gave my dad a free Vanguard and I was very interested. Ever since then I just tried to progress the most I could and push my limits.

Where is your favorite place to skate?

Nor Cal for life!

Who are your favorite skaters?

Liam Morgan, Davis Vannasing, Levi Green, Jesse Breiman, Kevin Reimer, and Fernando Yuppie.

Between a bear, dragon, and a shark, which one would you fight and why?

I would fight a shark, no doubt. I think so because they have to stay in water, it would be the easiest.

What is your current board setup?

Rayne Killswitch, Caliber 44's, Abec 11 Freerides 81a or grippins for downhill, and seismic tektons.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food would have to be In and Out! Also any kind of steak.

Who are your current sponsors?

Daddies Board Shop is currently my only sponsor.

What is your favorite trick?

My favorite trick is really any kind of check from normal, to switch, to toeside. They're all great as long as you go big!

Why do you like to ride for Daddies Board Shop?

I like to ride for DBS because they not only have a killer shop, but they care for their customers and try hard to satisfy everyone.

What are your thoughts on zombies?

They are definitely misjudged, they just want hugs!



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