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Zach Boston Daddies Board Shop Team Rider

Team Riders
Zach Boston

Rider Bio
I like skateboarding almost as much as I love collecting My Little Pony dolls. In a way they are both pretty similar. Tigerclaws are my shizz. Nothing feels better then throwing a mad tigerclaw down El Toro. If you don’t know what El Toro is your missing out. I appreciate good slams more then anything, it might actually be one of my favorite parts about skating. It feels cool to take a nice beating, it makes me feel like a certain pop musician... Don’t take anything too seriously or else your going to lose the fun in things. Although I do think it is important to know when and when not to go into business-mode. Keep your tuck loose, your hands limp, and start flowing like that faucet in yo' kitchen.

10 Questions

How did you get into wood-pushing?

I skated street a year before I got into longboard, but ive been skating downhill for a bit over a year now.

Where is your favorite place to skate?

Anything steep, and smooth is cool with me. Persimmon country is definitely up there.

Who are your favorite skaters?

Byron Essert is pretty sick, dude has effortless style, and totally kills it. G-mack is pretty gangster as well.

Between a bear, dragon, and a shark, which one would you fight and why?

I guess it all depends in if the dragon flys or not.

What is your current board setup?

Rayne Vandal, Caliber 44's, Abec 11 81a Freerides.

What is your favorite food?

PB & J's for life!

Who are your current sponsors?

Daddies Board Shop.

What is your favorite trick?

360 No-Complys are fun. Anything quirky and weird I usually like.

Why do you like to ride for Daddies Board Shop?

I like to ride for Daddies because all of the guys there are super chill. They all get stoked off skateboarding in General. I've been coming to Daddies ever since I started skating, and they always helped me out no matter what the problem.

What are your thoughts on zombies?

They're pretty cool. They would be cooler if I was a necrophiliac...


This is one of the best songs ever!

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