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Here at Daddies we like to think our selection of skateboards is above par. Our complete skateboards are custom-built for whatever riding style you want. Whether it’s Technical Street skating, park riding, bowl riding or just cruising, we have something to fulfill any inner desire you have. As you browse our Complete Skateboards Page you will notice that the boards come equipped with everything you need to ride down the street right out of the box: the deck, griptape, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware. When you click on the various completes we have listed online you will see a set of components already assigned to each board. These are the base level components that make your complete ready to roll. Unlike buying a board from a Fred Myer, Toys R Us or the long lost KB Toys, these products are the real deal. The wheels won’t crack in half; instead of plastic bearings that don’t spin you get steel ball bearings that roll fast right off the bat. Your board will actually have a proper nose and tail and come from one of the leading companies in the industry like: Girl, Chocolate, Toy Machine, Element, Anti-Hero, Almost, Cliché, Deathwish, Enjoi, Plan B, Politic, or Tired. Not sure what kind of riding you want to get into? Take a look into our Skateboard Buyer’s Guide. Watch a few videos, talk to some of your friends, give our all-star customer service team a call and bug us for hours on end until you are sure of your purchase. Whether you decide to go with the base components or customize your complete, just keep in mind that all the components are inter-changeable. If you start off riding a softer wheel for a smoother ride and then decide that you want to start learning tricks, you can always just purchase a new set of harder wheels so you don’t have to replace your entire complete.

We are here to help keep the knowledge flowing and are more than willing to guide you along that path. Give us a call, shoot us an email, check out our social media outlets, go to your local skate park and ask everyone what’s hip, cool, gnarly and weird.

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