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A great ride isn’t just about the board under your feet — it’s also about the shoes. When the rubber meets your deck, a great skate shoe can make a big difference. And because it’s a fashion show out there, you need to have the right gear. Daddies Board Shop has hundreds of new skateboard shoes in stock ready to ship today for your next downhill bomb, halfpipe session, or street cruise. We carry all the biggest skate shoe brands and plenty of lesser-known ones that all have a reputation for quality.

Choosing the right kicks isn’t easy, which is why our friendly staff is here to help. Are you looking for classic high-top skate shoes that have solid ankle support? Maybe some modern low-cut shoes that are light and flexible? What about a versatile skateboarding trainer shoe that’s great for everyday use? We have them and much more from Adidas, Converse, DC, Emerica, eS, Etnies, New Balance, Vans, and many more. Get cup sole skate shoes for enhanced durability or vulcanized outsoles that protect your feet better on big jumps. Whatever you imagine the ideal skate shoe to be, you can find it here for less.

From minimalist longboarding shoes that are protective covers to suede skate shoes with the latest inner foam cushioning and non-slip outer soles, we have something that will handle the rigors of your skating style. They look snazzy, too, and will quickly become your favorite footwear to kick around in. So begin your search by selecting a brand, size, color or shoe sole type, or just browse through our endless options. You’ll always be able to skate longer and harder when you’re feeling good in the right skateboarding shoes!