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When it comes to skateboarding most people find themselves replacing just the deck the most out of any other component on your board. Here you will find all the Deck Only options that we provide for our dearly beloved customers. Still don’t have the other necessary components to get your roll on? Visit our Complete Skateboard page and get tricked out for success with, for example, a set of Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Mounting Hardware or Protective gear. Skateboard decks range anywhere from 7.5 inches to 10 inches wide depending on the company and application. If you are looking to do a bunch of technical tricks you typically would go with a narrower deck, whereas if you are doing more park and ramp riding, most people find a wider deck to be much more comfortable given it will have more real estate for your feet. On average Skateboard decks are made out of 7 plies of maple wood, but can vary to 6 or 8 plies depending on the brand. Also varying by brand is the concave of the board which is the dip in between the two sides. The more concave a board has the easier many skaters find it to flip. With a flatter board people often times find it more comfortable for the human foot, but the board tends to rotate at a slower rate making it harder to flip. This is all based on personal preference and ability. One of the other things that may vary brand to brand will be the nose and tail steepness and size. Some people prefer a very small nose or tail and find that they skate much better with such a shape. Others will say that a larger nose will help them pop their nollie tricks with more ease. As you progress in skateboarding you will find your personal preference and what suits you. While visiting this Skateboard deck page be sure to check out all the specs of the boards and take a look at the pictures we take of each so you can get a feel for what shape you are looking at. If you want more of an explanation on the concave or size of nose and tail give our customer services staff a call at 503-281-5123. We are here to help anytime between 9am and 5pm PST.

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