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Man, doesn’t it just feel great to grind a ledge on that metal thing that the wheels go on? Here at Daddies we have a great selection of those metal things. Trucks are those metal things. The components of a skateboard truck are: the hanger with attached axel, baseplate and pivot cups. With brands like Independent, Venture, Thunder, and Tensor they all have their own specific uses and different turning radii. As you progress in skateboarding you will find yourself becoming loyal to specific brands based on your personal preferences. The technology in trucks has come a long way from the days of taking them off of old roller skates and attaching them to wood to make makeshift skateboards. When it comes to choosing a skateboard truck you are going to want to try out a friend’s board, get some advice online, factor in the weight, and possible just go with the truck that fits up with the width of your board. Truck sizes range anywhere from 109mm to 169mm in the skateboard world. You don’t want your trucks to overhang on the sides of the boards nor do you want them to be extremely narrow not reaching the edges of the board. You want your trucks to be as flush as you can possible get them to make the board feel as comfortable as possible. The kingpin nut on a skateboard truck is what determines how lose or tight they are. The more cranked down that nut is, the less the truck will turn; the more backed off it is the more loose the trucks will feel. One other factor that determines how quick or slow a board turns is the wheel base of the board. If the board has a longer wheel base like a regular skateboard then it will turn slower than a cruiser skateboard that has a much smaller wheel base. When you are looking at the different kingpins on each truck by brand you will see that they all come to different heights and some dip well below the hanger, whereas others sit much higher and almost flush with the hanger. To help ease you into learning how to grind the lower the kingpin sits typically the better off you will be and will not find yourself hanging up on the ledge, rail or coping that you are grinding on. Choosing a truck to go with should not be a life changing event. Take a look at them all, find a size that matches up with the board size you typically ride and be done with it. As I said, when progressing over the years you will find a brand that suits you the best and you will often stick with it until your days of skateboarding vanish into beer and cheeseburgers.

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