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Studies show a skateboard tool will save the average parent seven tools from their toolbox. Skate tools are just plain functional and all a skater needs to make adjustments to his or her board. One tool to rule them all!

Going to a skate session without a tool in your bag is something that we advise against doing. It is extremely important that your board remains in a state of maintenance where all the hardware is constantly tight, the wheels are on properly, and the trucks are adjusted correctly for the hill. A longboard performs best when everything is bolted down. Longboarding is a high-impact activity and things can get loose, so you need to make sure that you are prepared with a tool to make sure it’s all nice and tight.

There are a few different types of tools. The first, and most common is a tool like our Daddies Board Shop Tool, a Unit Tool. These tools feature what you need between hardware, wheel axles, kingpin nuts, and a small key to accommodate both Phillips and Robertson heads. The next step up is a tool like the pig tool, which is great for people who flip their board around lots, whether you are a street skater or a longboarder. This type of tool allows you to rethread your axles after it loses its shape from repetitive hits to the concrete or ledges and will come in handy a million times over if you have issues with bashing up your axles.

If you are looking for something a little more compact we have a variety of tools in many collapsible forms such as the Paris skate tool or the ultra cool and convenient Sector 9 Carabiner. These tools will get the job done when absolutely needed and store in your pocket easily in between. The Carabiner is also great for holding your keys! Convenience!

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