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If you want the highest quality trucks for your longboard, it only makes sense to get them from a company that has them right in their name. Caliber Truck Co. has been making skateboard trucks since 2010 that are designed to look good and ride better while outlasting the competition. Each of their trucks use the best materials for more speed and response while handling the conditions of extreme skateboarding. Daddies Board Shop stocks an assortment of longboard trucks for experience levels from noob to professional. These are the same trucks used by Caliber’s team of downhill skaters, and you’ll be just as stoked with them on your board.

Caliber knows style as well, and their trucks come in a variety of colors and combinations such as raw metal, black, two-tone green and satin purple to complement your board. You won’t just look and feel faster while screaming down a hill. You’ll be faster – and yet more in control than ever. Our longboard junkies have tested all of these trucks and declared them ready for riding.