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Loaded Longboards. Loaded needs no introduction, but we’re going to give them one anyway! Loaded has always been doing their thing to the beat of a different drummer and the world has grown to love them for it. They turned the world onto styles of riding we had never seen before and they have always been at the forefront of progression! The Dervish Sama is what set their story off and it has led them to the development of boards like the Tan Tien, Poke, Kanthaka, and the Loaded Tesseract. You’re going to like the way you feel on a Loaded!

Aimed at the freestylin' freerider that just likes to have a good time, the quality craftsmanship behind Loaded's reputation has been built on solid territory as they have been holding up riders feet and getting them to class on time since before you even knew what a longboard was. Ask a loyal Loaded rider and he or she will tell you, "The best like to have the best!" The unmatched quality bamboo construction, the super-skilled lineup of team riders, and the attitude of having a good time that they carry has been enough for us to be stoked to carry the lineup for years. All their models feature a flex rating so no matter what style you are into, there is a shape with the right amount of strength for you. Jeez, we can feel the wind in our hair and the bounce in our step rollin' down that hill just talking about this. Time for a cruise to lunch break.