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Longboard Decks

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Daddies Board Shop has the largest selection of longboards you'll find anywhere. The below longboards are to purchase decks. If you would like to purchase a complete longboard that comes fully-assembled and ready to ride, please check out our Complete Longboards. The first thing that defines a board’s category is whether it is symmetrical or directional. A symmetrical platform is the same at both the nose and tail end and is designed for freeriding; moving back and forth between switch and regular; and turning with incredible strength when pressured at the center. A directional board has a clearly defined nose and tail, and steers from the front end followed by the rear. Directional boards are capable of 180’s and other freeride maneuvers but they won’t perform the same in a switch position. They excel in many areas of downhill for riders with a forward position on their board, following along with the characteristics of a front-wheel drive car.

Next up are the differences between the main styles of platform: Top Mount, Drop Through, Drop Platform, Double Drop and Flush Mounted. Each style has their own strengths to contribute and many longboarders own multiple decks to cater to their many different styles and locations of riding.

Top Mount Longboards

Top-mounted means that the trucks are mounted completely underneath the deck with the ultimate result being more turning leverage. Top mount pintail was the beginning of longboard design and over many years has developed into a wide variety of deck choices between symmetrical and directional.

Drop Through Longboards

Drop-through decks feature a router cut mounting system where the deck is mounted between the baseplate and hanger of the trucks. The trucks are dismantled and then placed back together with the board between the hanger and baseplate. Drop through advantage shines in drifting situations where it is nice to have more weight closer to the center core and axel of your wheel -- but they can also be top-mounted for situations where you need just a little more turning performance, just like our top-selling Loaded Dervish Sama. Drop through is most often found in freeride, race, and freestyle situations.

Drop Platform Longboards

Drop platform means that the boards overall design features curves and concave to lower the board to the ground, lowering the center of gravity and ultimately bringing the riders feet closer to the playground. People that need to feel the comfort of having their feet truly locked in while riding are great candidates for dropped platforms. Rayne Longboards make drop platform boards.

Double Drop Platform Longboards

Double drop platform means that the board not only features the curves and concaves of a dropped platform board but that the board also features the signature cut out of the drop through design. Double drop platforms bring a great advantage to people learning how to push around or who need stability when going fast.

Flush Cut Longboards

Flush cut means that the board features a router cut in the truck mounting area to place the truck within the deck. Boards can also be flush-mounted with a drop-through design meaning that the truck is disassembled and the deck is sandwiched between the truck and hanger again.

As we said before, many riders end up owning multiple setups as a way of incorporating the many advantages of each board into their various riding experiences. Call or email us or send us a tweet or just yell really if you have any questions about what is the right deck for you.