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Never Summer

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Never Summer builds snowboards for true snowboarders. They offer board models for every level of rider, but with Never Summer, you can trust that no matter what level of board you purchase, it’s going to be built to the highest standards of quality that’s humanly possible. They back up their high level of quality manufacturing by offering the first three-year warranty in snowboarding. And they truly stand by it. An important fact to know about Never Summer is that as a company, they pride themselves on sourcing as many materials from U.S. as possible. From plastics to resins to the steel edges, almost every component is made in the United States.

There may be no better place in the world to develop snowboards than Denver, Colorado. Based at the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, Never Summer has taken their regional location and used it to continually push the boundaries of snowboard development. For instance, they were the first company to successfully incorporate hybrid camber profiles into their boards. It’s called R.C. Technology (rocker and camber) and its proven performance is now incorporated into every board model from Never Summer. They've taken their R.C. Technology to new levels with the Extended Transition Rocker Camber Profile (EXRC). EXRC allows the board to have even more fluid edge transition with increased glide and powder floatation.