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Pretty much everyone loves a good T-shirt. Not only does the right skateboard T-shirt provide a cozy feel, but it helps make a statement about what kind of person or rider you are (and wearing a shirt allows you to actually get into stores or restaurants when you’re not riding). Unless you’re the type who wants to show off your abs — you know who you are — then you’ll love our selection of T-shirts for skateboarding. Daddies Board Shop has shirts for every skating subculture that combine stellar style and functionality. Since 1995, we have been the place to shop for every skater who takes pride in their look.

Anyone who says that a T-shirt is just a T-shirt has never talked to a skateboarder or shopped a Daddies. These casual skate T-shirts are the perfect way to express brand loyalty or make a statement about your personality. We carry classic short-sleeve cotton T-shirts as well as long-sleeve skateboard T-shirts for cooler days.

From international skateboarding leaders such as Vans and Adidas to core skate brands such as Thrasher and Powell-Peralta, Daddies has T-shirts to satisfy everyone. Wear them at your next session at your local park, hanging around town with your friends or just while lounging at home on a Sunday. We have them in numerous sizes and colors to fit anyone who loves skateboarding fashion — even if you’re not an actual skateboarder (we still love you shopping with us anyway).