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Daddies has the largest selection of longboards you'll find anywhere. Our complete longboards are custom built to your specifications and come ready to ride right out of the box. When you view a complete longboard product, you will see that the board comes with longboard trucks, wheels and bearings already selected for you. If you like these selections, you can simply press the "Add to Cart" button to complete your order. Alternatively, you can customize the longboard trucks, wheels, and bearings that will come with your board. Come check out some of our most popular brands like: Landyachtz Longboards, Loaded Longboards, Rayne Longboards, and Sector 9 Longboards.

Maybe you already know exactly what board you want or maybe you need a little assistance, but either way, Daddies Board Shop is here for you, fully stocked with more products than anyone else. That’s right. We’re the biggest online longboard retailer on Earth. We have more longboards than anyone else here and on Mars too. Yeah, we have a better longboard selection than they do on Mars.

But, we’re not just the biggest longboard shop. We’re also backed by a team of people who want to make sure that you have the right board under your feet. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We pride ourselves on working hard for you. In fact, Daddies Board Shop was named Best Online Skate Shop by the readers of Concrete Wave Magazine. That’s a big deal to us. So, let us know how we can help you. Whether you know exactly what you need or whether you need some (or a lot of) help finding it.

There are two ways to buy your board. You can purchase a complete longboard listed on the Daddies Board Shop website, which has already been matched with the components that either we or the manufacturers feel naturally work well for the intended style of riding. You – of course – also have the option to fully customize any complete longboard that you would like. The parts of a complete longboard are: a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape, and hardware.