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Landyachtz Longboards is known for having the largest selection and variety of longboards on the market. They are 100% dedicated to all forms of skateboarding and longboarding so you are sure to find something you like within their lineup! They make some of the most popular downhill and Landyachtz Dinghy mini cruisers bridged the gap between street skateboarding and longboarding. Landyachtz has something for everyone and that's why we love them!

Landyachtz Longboards hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, the long-standing heartbeat of the serious Downhill Skateboard scene. Landyachtz has hooked up hundreds of super-talented riders worldwide and they've been developing products since 1998 to keep those riders raising the bar of what today's downhill skateboarding has become. They have drop decks, they have top mounts, they have cruiser boards, they have sliding boards, hell, they even have a board that is essentially a front-wheel-drive racecar for the person who translates well in that type of control. Thanks largely to a genius in-house engineer, amazing graphic designers, a hands-on team of riders, and owners that include a past World Champion, this year's Landyachtz lineup is their best yet with every category of skateboarding imaginable represented.