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Bustin Boards is an amazing board company from New York that’s really killing it this year. They've already perfected their shapes and their decks, so their main focus this year was their design and construction. They're coming at you with a ton of boards you already know and love, but they're doing it bigger and better than ever this year by adding a few tricks and tips you haven't even seen yet. The first is the all new Bustin Mission, coming at you with a new bamboo design and layup. This is the perfect addition to the shape, giving it the flex and snap this board has been begging to have. It absolutely completes this board. Second is the Bustin Sportster; not only an amazing carbon construction, but they pair it up with a little brother. Yes, the all new Sportster 33. It's perfect as a downhill and freeriding machine for anyone who likes a tight and nimble ride, as well as a setup that is perfect for anyone with a smaller stance. The biggest most badass Bustin release of them all, the Bustin Ratarang! A completely symmetrical Bustin Ratmobile. We cannot get over how gnarly this thing looks. It's a death metal band's favorite setup. Ready to not only charge large hills, but its main purpose and design has freeriding in mind. The Bustin Ratarang is one of the most anticipated boards on the market this year, so make sure you get yours before they're all gone.
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