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Sector 9

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Sector 9 has possibly played the most influential role in the development of longboarding. Back in the early 90’s they began making the first longboard-specific product out there. They have the backstory, they have the culture, they have the team, they have it all. Sector 9 is constantly doing everything in their power to help advance the sport. Their Race Formula wheels are known for being some of the most durable and long-lasting wheels in the world. They have some of the sickest designs around and their Downhill Division decks have helped so many skaters discover the world of downhill and freeriding. Gullwing Trucks are getting more and more skaters to accept and participate in all forms of skateboarding! Sector 9 is on top of the world, or in this case… the hill.

Featuring a full lineup for literally ANYTHING, Sector 9 has quality USA-made products for everyone from the college kid to the World Traveling Professional Downhill racer. They have an insanely talented in-house engineering and design team matched with what is probably the most well-rounded team of riders on this planet, featuring world-class skills in street, park, bowl, downhill, and vert. Throwing their good fortune back into the community, Sector 9 is also a brand that supports those who support them by sponsoring events, fundraisers, concerts, and anything else that can help get the word out about longboarding. Go ahead and get on board a Sector 9, guaranteed with a few clicks of your mouse you will find a product that suits you – and in a day or two when that board shows up on your door, there is no way you are going to regret it.