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Brought to you by the living legend Brian Anderson we have 3D Skateboards. The two-man team made up of Anderson and Austyn Gillette comes at us with some very aesthetically pleasing and clean graphics. As you look over their website and the descriptions of their graphics you can’t help but feel a sense of overwhelming sarcasm and an almost negative vibe as to where the world of skateboarding has gone. When you think of Brian Anderson and how long he has been in the game you know he has seen it all. He has skated for some of the largest companies in skateboarding in the past and present and he chose to go off and blaze his own trail with this company 3D Skateboards. He has “been there and done that” and even skated for Nike’s original “poke” into skateboarding, Savier, before moving onto Nike itself. With that said he still keeps it grassroots by giving Austyn Gillette’s dog its own pro model shaped cruiser deck. He stays humble to this day and has this company by skateboarders for skateboarders. While being small right now I expect to see great things from this brand in the near future and for many years to come. Take a look at what they have going now: simple, clean, and crisp to the eye. For example, the 3D Skateboards Corn Deck seen here is described as “Symbolizing birth, health, death and The American Way. And Energy Drinks.” Picture yourself in a fine art gallery. Take a look, soak it in and feel the deep, deep message this company is bringing us all.

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