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Daddies board shop bringing you a review on recent experience!

First off... the Comet Ethos 37!

The Comet Ethos 37 is one hell of a fun board! At it's widest this deck goes up to 9.75 so in the scheme of things it is a relatively narrow deck. I havent once thought it was too narrow though. The board tapers down into a perfectly shaped kicktail but the taper is so gradual that the standing platform doesnt feel too small at all. Essentially, even though this board has proportions that are smaller and a bit different than other boards, it is built so that you dont notice it one bit! As you may know, the comet boards are rockered... but the ethos has leveled out grooves that make it so the kingpin on the trucks remain at their original angle! Legit!

I really dont want to sit around and talk about all the technical stuff about the board because lets face it... thats what every review out there always does. Boring. Instead I am going to tell you what I did on this board and what I think it works good for. Obviously, using the tail is a huge plus. If you saw the photos in a previous post I was doing a bunch of street tricks on it. It works for everything really, grinding rails might be ruled out but boardslides and all that jazz are good! I definitely wouldnt do any type of serious downhill on this board but I would say its good for up to 40mph depending on how your trucks are setup... Anything faster than that and having the kicktail makes it realllly sketchy. Freeriding on this deck is really fun. I found myself doing slides toward curbs, then doing ollie manuals and sliding after I came off the curbs and such. Too much fun. I would say ride your trucks loose on this board because it is too fun to restrict to only one discipline! And definitely get some buttery wheels cause you will want to slide on this deck!!!

Turns out popping around a bunch bashes the deck up really fast. So if you are one of those people who is crazy about having everything looking perfect then this deck is not for you! With this board you should be bashing up on things and destroying whatever is in your path. If your board happens to get in your path, then bust it up! I hit the nose time after time after time when wallriding a wall, but the board is holding up great! Has some dings but damn comet makes a sturdy board! Put all the technical BS aside and buck up... if you want a board that you can do everything on, this is it! Much more so than the ethos 35 or 39! The Ethos 37 is one of the most fun boards I have ever ridden, im sure you'll feel the same way!

The Metro Motion Wheels!

Effin A these are an interesting wheel. So they say they are 80a but im gonna say it, they feel like an 86a. I havent really taken them too fast because I get distracted and want to make them slide. When you arent sliding these wheels feel pretty rough and chattery. BUT when you slide they instantly shift into a super smooth predictable sliding wheel.

As you can see they come slide prepped and are centerset so slide on these puppies all you want. That is really where they shine. They have such a smooth slide! I really dont know if I would say they are buttery because you can really feel every bit of the asphalt underneath you... there needs to be another term; not buttery, not icy, ... its almost a sandy feeling slide. Like if you were to run your hand across a smooth table that had sand on it. It slides easy but you can feel everything under your hand. I feel it is the same way with these wheels. Plus once they start to cone just flip them around and have at it again!!! BUT on the topic of coning... My metro motions havent started to cone yet and i have been doing slides like crazy so I dunno, this urethane is holding up pretty good. Gotta say, im impressed!

Abec 11 80a Reflex Formula Zig Zags

Oh you zig zags... you've done it again! Everyone knows Abec 11 wheels are money, its hard to find a wheel in their line up that isnt good for something. I personally, like to slide wheels that dont like to slide. I dont know why but i get a personal satisfaction out of forcing a wheel to slide and having it become a decent slide wheel. So here is what I did with these guys... I did some mild DH on them and got a feel for the urethane. Once the waxy layer had worn off I was like... alright, time to slide these lil hoes. Soooo that is exactly what i did and man I love them now! Other than the fact that they sound like a banshee being viciously mauled to death when they slide they are great! I feel like you have to always be pushing a decent amount to keep your slide going but thats great if you always want to be in control! I get bucked off my board here and there but its always toward the end of my slide and it is almost always my fault. The funny thing is... even though I slide these wheels a bunch, with that reflex formula... which is a traction formula... they still grip amazingly when i get cookin! they get all nice and gummy again and hold the pavement just right! I wouldnt really recommend taking them too fast after you get them broken in and the lips get rounded off but they would great for some higher speed freeriding and mild DH! Also, those are suuuuuuuper old Daddies bearings in there... years old and im still riding them... pshhh and people say our bearings arent good. haha

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