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Hey everyone,

Im sure some of you have heard about all the craziness going around. helicopters crashing, tupac alive in new zealand (hoax), the rapture, and K-rimes gettin all busted up! If you havent, here is a quick update to fill you in on some of the daddies team and the shindigs going down!

First off... Team Rider Robin McGuirk slayed the P-town throw down, got first, and got nearly 600 cans (maybe more) of food for the oregon food drive, plus was on the news! Way to go robin and way to go everyone who came out and supported it! Photos from the event are on www.flickr.com/photos/supemorgan8 - Give it a look-see!

NEXT... Danger Bay, Katie and Kevin took first... effin sweeeeeeet! BUT after that at the Britannia Classic Kevin Took a spill, dislocated his ankle, and fractured his tibia. SO kevin is going to be healing up for a while. Good news is... Katie took first! Katie is beasting this year and im sure we're going to keep seeing more promising results from her! Maryhill is creepin up!

Scott "Scoot" Smith had a jacked up dislocated shoulder for a few weeks and missed some events but healed up just in time for danger bay and jakes rash. At Danger Bay Scoot had a pretty nutty weekend. Lots of Skating, lots of music, lots of fun! He showed some other riders the joys of pender harbour (notice its spelled with a "U"... haha). Then there was the May Day parade, behind all the floats all the longboarders followed throwing out all sorts of goodies and shwag! Then team Green played some longboard hockey and battled for the Chanley Cup and keg of delicious beer. mmmmmm.

In the end Scoot placed 5th... STOKED! After being out of racing and having to heal up for a bit its rad to see him doing so well!

Also... collabo coming up soon. Get stoked. This is a nice little secret for now... but you should all be pretty pleased when its out! Its coming sooner than you know! Like a prophecy or something...

Stay tuned friends!
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