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After almost 3 years being part of the #GRNTM i’ve been testing and shredding all different kind of thanes they got for us. One very special thing about Abec11 Wheels is all the options, durometers and shapes they present. This is why i’ve picked my Top 3 wheels for a guaranteed fun session:

1. Abec11 Classic ZigZags on 78A.

No matter what hill im skating, these babies will have a great performance no doubt. As some say “One of the most versatile wheel on the market”. Maybe you’ve heard they are special for carving and cruising, i agree, but most important they are great for all kind of terrain, specially for those grip-predrift kinda runs. Their conical shape and soft thane makes it perfect for high speed downhill runs. I’ve had many of these before and I must say they last for long and wear evenly.One time I ran out of freeride wheels and had to use a set of this… it was the best time at the hill.. they just pushed me to go faster.

2. Abec 11 Retro Bertz.

Have you heard people say “Slides like butter”? This is exactly how I feel about the 35mm contact patch Retro Bertz! They are very very fun and practical, my favorite wheels when I want to practice a new slide or just go for a chill freeride session and get all styley with the homies. They are 81A made out of a smooth and nice Amber thane. Just PERFECT for freeride, did you know these babies were developed for the movie "Lord Of Dogtown"? Check them on Daddies Board Shop and don’t even think twice, GRAB A SET!

3. Abec 11 Pink SickSicks!

They say that the Pink SickSicks have an insane amount of traction for a smaller wheel, I’ve proven it. Super smooth and ultra fast offset wheel that will make you have the greatest time when you see that thane marked all around your local hill. These ones just invite you to go bigger, very predictable and also super nice for general cruising and carving. I can’t understand why I didn’t discover this before.

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