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Sector 9 has been killing it in the industry for a long time now and they're still keeping it up! To keep you riding fast and hard they have released two completely new boards to help you go even harder than ever! The all new Sector 9 Rocker, and the all new Sector 9 Mini Daisy! TheSector 9 Rocker is the newest addition to sector 9's downhill freeride division and it is perfect for doing exactly just that. Its combination of rocker and concave keep you locked in, while the recessed truck mounts keep you stable and riding smooth. The most outstanding feature of the board though is its design. It’s four layers of triaxel fiberglass sandwiching three layers of maple. This makes the board much lighter while still remaining speed stiff. This is the first that Sector 9 has incorporated fiberglass into their boards, but you can expect more of their lineup to follow in the footsteps of the Rocker. One of the other super rad boards Sector 9 released is the Mini Daisy. This board follows in the design of its big sister, the Daisy. It has rocker on the standing foot platform but has flat truck mounts, it has a smaller wheelbase making it more nimble and agile than its big sister. And of course it has the sweet kicktail. But what's rad is that when you team up the Rocker and the Mini Daisy, you'll have a quiver that'll do it all! The Rocker is hands down an amazing freeride and downhilling machine, while the Mini Daisy is sweet for technical freeriding as well as freestyling. So by teaming these two boards up, you'll have a quiver that'll fit the Northwest style of skating which is "skate everything." Whether it's the Rocker or the Mini Daisy, both are sweet additions to any longboard quiver!
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