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Brought to you by some amazingly talented skateboarders and business partners we have Almost Skateboards. With several decades of picnic table talent, and a man who molded skateboarding into what it is today, you can trust that Almost Skateboards delivers innovative and quality products. Recently they’ve teamed up with DC comics to bring us some delightfully memory-lane style graphics that we can all appreciate. Whether you appreciate them as great art to ride or to use as potential wall hangers, they’re sure to please. Almost Skateboards have very deep shapes with very mellow noses and tails, which is why we believe their team excels in the ever-changing technical world of skateboarding that we have today. While we have Rodney Mullen and Chris Haslam constantly creating new tricks, Deawon is always bringing his tricks to a new level while rocking a very peculiar no bushing set up in his front truck. Keep your eyes open for the future of this brand and the advances in technology they will be introducing for years to come.
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