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We have always loved Arbor Snowboards because we believe in what they believe: the trees, the mountains, the outdoors, and we love keeping it natural. Arbor is known for creating some of the most aesthetically pleasing snowboards and longboards by showing off the natural beauty of the bamboo, koa, and walnut woods. Whenever Arbor creates a product, whether a skateboard, a snowboard, or an article of clothing, they make sure to keep the environment in mind by using as many renewable and environmentally friendly resources as possible. Since we have always supported Arbor’s longboard community, we thought that bringing in a few of their snowboards would be the natural thing to do. Besides, Arbor was a snowboard company before they started making skateboards. Bet you didn’t know THAT!

To kick it off, all Arbor snowboards come confidently-backed with a three year warranty. The majority of the boards feature what they call “The System”. The System features a True Rocker shape for increased float in powder, easier turns, and seamless control. The rocker’s playfulness and agility is balanced out with its Grip Tech side cut. This is a multiple radius side cut that gives you four contact points on each side, giving you all the grip you need to make turning easier and more efficient.

One of the most popular Arbor boards is the Arbor Westmark. This board has gained a reputation as one of the best park and freestyle boards on the market. It’s so good it even one a Good Wood Award from Transworld. For the more aggressive and less technical free rider, with a freestyle mentality, Arbor has created the Arbor Coda and the Women’s Arbor Cadence. If you’re more interested in a casual cruise and enjoy the entire mountain, the Arbor Whiskey might be the right board for you. Last but not least, the uniquely shaped Arbor Shreddy Krueger is good to go for some powder slashing good times.

Be sure to check in at Daddies Board Shop for the arrival of Arbor snowboards and keep your eyes open for a secret limited edition release near the end of October.

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