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Two new boards coming straight out of California just hit the market.The all new Arbor Liam Morgan Pro Model and the Arbor James Kelly Pro Model. Designed by two of the top riders in the world, these boards are featured the best of the best. You can see the influence of their California roots alive and well in these boards.

Both pro models come in a top mount design, giving you supreme traction and control. It’s hard to find a drop through board in the sunshine state. These boards are designed for going fast and getting shreddy.

The Arbor Liam Morgan Pro Model features a directional shape with a taper in the rear, giving you full leverage over your rails for turns on a dime and the utmost control. This board is a freeriding beast made for fast stand up slides and really tight riding.

Then we have the Arbor James Kelly Pro Model. Designed by one of the best racers in the world, this board is made for going extremely fast, taking tight lines, and pulling out the most perfect predrifts imaginable. This board is topped off with a sweet kicktail as well, giving you the perfect shred everything setup. No matter what kind of style of riding you're looking to do, these boards are the perfect quiver addition to your setup. Unless you're looking for slow riding and putting around. In which case, these boards are not for you.

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