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Whether you’re a pro putting in 100+ days, a weekend warrior hitting the slopes between clocking in at the office, or a one hit wonder just looking for a quick getaway, you’re going to have to get you and your gear to the mountain safely. There’s nothing worse than showing up to the slopes and realizing that your glove fell out the side of your car, or you left your boots sitting on the heater in your living room, or the very worst case, some careless airline employee dropped your bag and the dings on your board have doubled. Well, there is a simple solution, get yourself a Burton Snowboard Bag.

For those of you that are traveling long distance and looking for an all-in-one travel bag, the Burton Wheelie Locker is a doozy. It’s big enough for all your gear and still has room to stuff your kids in it... just kidding… but really it has enough room to pack a bunch of extra stuff like your outerwear, toiletries, clothing, and there may even be room for a souvenir! This double decker bag has a lower compartment designed to carry multiple snowboards and an upper level duffle bag for carrying your basic goods. It also includes a removable boot and binding pack so you can leave your duffle in your hotel room and carry your gear out for a day trip. When you pile in all your gear together, your bag starts to get heavy. It’s a good thing the Burton Wheelie Locker is equipped with skateboard wheels and bearings for a super smooth roll through the airport. This bag is pretty much your personal snowboard caddie. For scaled down, more simple versions of the Wheelie Locker, check out the Wheelie Board Case and Wheelie Gig Bag.

For those of us that don’t need to tote around a lot of stuff, the Wheelie Bag series might be overkill. That’s why Burton offers the Gig Bag and the Board Sack. These bags are perfect for keeping your gear organized on trips up to the mountain and provide your board with just enough padding for airplane rides. The main difference between the two bags is that the Gig Bag is fully padded, and includes straps to attach your skateboard. Basically, your skateboard turns the Gig Bag into a wheelie gig bag which is pretty rad. Even though the Board Sack is much lighter regarding padding, you can always stuff it with your outerwear to add some extra cushion.

Everybody knows that traveling with exposed snowboards and gear can create quite a mess and maybe even some damage. To prevent these things from happening, a snowboard bag is highly recommended. Get it together and get yourself a Burton Snowboard Bag.

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