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Bustin has a full lineup for spring 2015, but they wanted to tease us all a little bit, so they’re giving us just a little taste of what’s in store. We’re happy to have the first half of Bustin’s 2015 lineup and trust us it’s more than enough to fill your plate. Covering everything from cruising to speed, and all the parts in between, Bustin’s March 20th release came in with a bang.

Let’s start with the Bustin Maestro 5, Maestro Mini Bamboo and the Bustin Maestro Mini, are all part of the bamboo hybrid lineup. These boards are light, durable, and feature a precise flex for pushing and pumping around the city that doesn’t sleep. If you’re looking for a more rigid ride, you’re sure to get that in the Bustin Maestro Pro and its Thermo Carbon construction.

When it comes to push races and freerideing, look no further than the Bustin Sportster Artist Series. These boards come speed stiff with a double drop and an extremely low profile making them ready for push races, slide jams, and everything in between. The dropped platform and lowered ride gives you tons of control, a locked in ride, and an easy shred. No matter the occasion, the Sportster is a great grab-and-go board for a full day of skating.

If you’re looking for a top mount ride while keeping a locked in feel, the Bustin Boombox 38 answers that call. The symmetrical shape and functional nose/tail meets all your freestyle needs. As promised, we have you speed boarders covered with 3 boards for the racer in you: the Shrike, Royce, and EQ36. Prepped with the finish line in mind, you’re sure to top the podium on any of these boards. They come top mounted, giving you tons of control and extra grip for the sharpest of race lines. When looking for an extra lightweight ride, the EQ36 and Royce both come in the all new Hollowcore Construction for quick acceleration off of the start line.

No matter the ride you’re looking for, there is sure to be something for you in the 2015 Bustin Longboards Lineup.

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