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Cast? Precision? Cast? Precision? Castcision! The all new cast Caliber II trucks give you a precision feel in a cast truck. Competitors beware, the bar has been raised in the cast truck game and it's harder to reach than ever before.

It all starts with the new updated bushing seat. The inner and outer bushing seats have been updated to give you a tighter tolerance on all of your aftermarket bushings. Your barrels, cones, eliminators, chubbys, fat cones, barricles, and wedges… any and all aftermarket bushings fit perfectly in the all new bushing seat. Caliber II’s have a ton more contact with the hanger, giving you more response and liveliness than ever before.

But you can't update the bushing seat without updating the kingpin hole. The Caliber II's now feature the same circular kingpin that's also found in the Caliber Precision Trucks. This gives you a much larger turning radius and much more lean out of your trucks. Your turning is limitless and the feel is absolutely amazing.

Probably the most important factor of the Caliber II's is that they are stronger than their old cast counterpart. The new Caliber II's feature a new in-house heat treatment to give your trucks a 40% increase in strength to protect you from bending, giving you a true straight axle feel and ride. Remember? Castcision. And better than any precision truck out there, is the plethora of colors that these trucks come in. All of the Caliber II's have a new paint system, giving thinner coats of paint to give you the true feel of the trucks and the bushing seats keeping your casts extremely precise. Welcome to the new world of precision trucks, welcome to the world of castcision.

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