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According to Capita Snowboards, being “bad ass” doesn’t mean you need send it over an 80-foot booter or back flip on to a 20 stair handrail. It means to own whatever it is that you love. “Bad Ass” is being honest with yourself and living life to its fullest.

“You don’t have to be the best snowboarder on the hill, or the best artist in the scene, or the coolest kid in town.You just have to be honest with yourself and love snowboarding like we do.” - Capita

Capita Snowboards was launched by a group of passionate friends in Seattle, Washington. In 2001 they came up with the name CAPitA which was inspired by the CAPitAlist society that they loved to defy by way of snowboarding. As a result, they now create progressive snowboards for progressive riders. These ‘Defenders of Awesome’ now produce some of the most durable and environmentally-friendly snowboards in the industry. Using Materials like renewable bamboo, biodegradable bean top sheets, and environmentally-conscious inks, they transform your snowboard into a sustainable work of art.

Having a team comprised of some of the most versatile snowboarders in the world including pipe legend Kazu Kokubu, city slasher Dan Brisse, Scott Stevens, and the all-mountain destroyer Jesse Kimura, they had to create a line of snowboards that was versatile as well. In the freestyle category you will find boards like the Capita Ultrafear and the Capita Horoscope. Step out of the park and into more versatile all-mountain freestyle boards like the award winning Capita Defenders of Awesome, Capita Birds of a Feather, and one of the most popular women’s boards in the industry and the inexplicably awesome Capita Black Snowboard of Death. For the freerider, the classic Capita Charlie Slasher comes equipped with a RFC Sustainable Touring core featuring ABS sidewalls so you can cut it in half to make a splitboard!

Capita Snowboards creates some of the finest looking snowboards out of the best sustainable materials, so you can ride strong, ride free, and “Stay Bad Ass”.

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