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The Comet Ethos Series is back and made better than ever. Keeping with their original lengths, they come in the Comet Ethos 36, Comet Ethos 38, and Comet Ethos 40-inch sizes. Something for any sized skater out there. But the updates aren’t all about the graphics; these boards feature an all new concave from Comet, giving you a lot more points of references for your feet. The perfectly sized wheel well flares feature a ton of wheel clearance, so you can run your trucks extra loose for more freeriding goodness. The boards also feature a lot more concave than previous years, while keeping the mellow concave where you want it. This gives you the locked in feeling where you want it and a mellow ride where you don't, a real versatile concave, giving you a comfortable ride at all times. But the Coupe De Grace on this board is the sweet kicktail, giving you a shred everything mentality. From downhill, freeride, to slashing the streets, this board does it all.

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