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Hello everyone,

Today Kevin Reimer, Marisa Nunez, Tad Drysdale, Robin McGuirk, and Alex Tongue came through the shop and we got a bunch of photos to let you guys see how it all went.

By noon we had everyone at the shop and we felt like partying but that didnt go through to well. Well some people got the party going, but some people had to drive. Anywho.. just look at the pics.

Marisa Nunez, K-Rimes, Tad Drysdale, Alex Tongue, Robin McGuirk

This is where all the boxes get ready to be shipped. Jesse Stuffs box all day long. Bow chicka wow wow.

Kevin Reimer, Marisa Nunez, Tad Drysdale

Kevin and Marisa had to get down to Cali so Tad, Robin, Alex, and Silas Morgan went out to Mt. Tabor to get some runs in and shoot some photos! Check it out.

Silas Morgan, Alex Tongue, Tad Drysdale, Robin McGuirk

Robin McGuirk

Alex Tongue "Fastest Tongue in the West."

Tad Drysdale - Man is fast!

Silas "The Intern" Morgan - Thats right, sliding on centrax's... thats dedication right there.

Alex Tongue - FS scootin and shralpin'

Silas Morgan, Alex Tongue, Tad Drysdale, Robin McGuirk

For additional photos please visit ww.flickr.com/photos/supemorgan8

All Photos Spencer Morgan
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