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So the Mountain Dew Dew Tour is coming through portland and there is some events we are going to so we can give out free product and get kids hyped! Yesterday we went to an event at the Holly Farm skatepark. Unfortunately there wasnt a ton of people there BUT people were hyped none the less!

Skatepark event


Pop Shove Tail all day!

Ollie out of hip/quarter

Alli Sports Employees hooking it up


Postin Up keepin it real

Hey thurr

FS 5-0

The Madre swoopin up the Schwag!

Kids swoopin up the schwag

Do the Dew

Dude was hyped

Pop Shove Tail

Mean Muggin

Back 5-0

This Mom was hyped as well! Said she would do ANYTHING for a board. I just made her pose with it :D

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