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Earthwing has always been an industry leader in downhill boards, so it should come as no surprise that we are super stoked about the new boards that came in. The all new boards are the Earthwing Space Coaster, Earthwing Hoopty, and Earthwing Big Hoopty. They are top of the line in the top mount downhill lineup. These boards are strong, fast, and stable. Being all top mount in design, they give you the most control and leverage over your trucks in the game. If your stance is on top of the trucks, you get much more traction over your setup, so railing corners and gripping lines is easier than ever. Taking the fastest lines and straight-lining yourself towards the finish line is a breeze. But don't think that these boards can't freeride as well. They are a beast on the race course, and destroy the slide comps. The Space Coaster, Hoopty and Big Hoopty feature a ton of control, helping you really dig into your slides and slide farther and faster than ever. Absolute control is the name of the game of these boards. Not a hair of instability, and a locked in ride. The all new Earthwing Space Coaster, Hoopty, and Big Hoopty are sure to be a exciting part of any quiver.

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