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Enjoi Skateboards has been bringing us some of the wackiest and kookiest skateboarding gimmicks for many years now. With Louie Barletta recently taking charge of the company, we can only begin to imagine the pranks and absolute chaos that’s to come. Their graphics include staples such as the Enjoi Classic Panda and Rainbow Enjoi print. And while they’re always making quality products, they bring us some very solid price point boards for those of us on a budget (because of the amount of beer we all consume on a day to day budget). Their magazine print ads have been some of the greatest long-running ads that skateboarding has ever seen. Check out the latest Enjoi has to offer here and be sure to get ready for their full length feature film “OverVert” coming at the end of October. To those who constantly chug beer, burn money, and break their boards with their asses, we salute you.

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