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It took me about a year or so to learn how to grind a curb, kickflip, and confidently ride down a hill on a skateboard. When I was a kid, skateboarding was an adventure; something to do with my friends; a non-stop challenge. But as I got older, the pressure to get better increased and skating started to get more stressful. You'd think skating was more fun as a kid, but that’s anything but true.

I might have been having more fun as a human then (hanging out with friends, learning tricks), but I have much more fun on my board now than I ever did then. Having the confidence to try new tricks and having the board control to kick out of them (I just jinxed myself) when they’re not working makes skating way more fun.

In a lot of ways, my first weekend of longboarding reminded of my first year of street skating. I was full of nerves, questions, and just eager to learn and prove myself. It was a great first weekend. What got you into skateboarding? What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome? Any advice for a rookie longboarder?

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